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News: White Hat Cigars Hires Todd Vance and Erica Arroyo.

White Hat Cigars Hires Todd Vance and Erica Arroyo.

White Hat Cigars Hires Todd Vance and Erica Arroyo
White Hat Cigars has hired Todd Vance as Vice President of Sales and Erica Arroyo as Director of
Marketing and Social Media.
“We are incredibly excited to add two friends and industry pros that will add significant value to our
growing operation. We are creating a company focused on making the best cigars on the market.
Adding integral team members will help us further support our retail partners and deliver our cigars to
market.” – Spence Drake
Todd Vance, former National Sales Manager for AJ Fernandez and Director of Sales for Cornelius &
Anthony brings a decade of sales management experience in the cigar industry to White Hat and The
Robaina Family of Brands.
“Todd Vance is a long-time friend and someone that we couldn’t be more excited to have join our team.
We are honored that he felt our line of products and company culture were a great fit for he and his
family.” – Spence Drake
“I can’t wait to hit the road and help our sales team spread the word about the unique legacy and story
of the most famed tobacco family in history and their incredible portfolio of cigars! I’ve never been more
excited by an opportunity than this one. All of the tools are in place to make this company a force in the
cigar industry.” – Todd Vance
Erica Arroyo, former Social Media Director at Cornelius & Anthony joins White Hat and The Robaina
Family of Brands.
“Social media marketing in the cigar industry has taught me a lot about quality products and what the
culture looks for in a company. I’m thankful for this new opportunity and super excited for what’s to
come with The Robaina Family of Brands.”
“Erica is someone that we have really wanted to work with for some time. She did such an incredible
job of delivering content consistent with the brand identity at Cornelius & Anthony. Her knowledge and
passion for cigars paired with her savvy in all things marketing will help us convey our unrivaled family
history in tobacco.” – Spence Drake



P 305-697-8919 F 1-866-775-9634




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