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George Rico is proud to introduce La Contra, the latest release from Gran Habano that is sure to excite loyal fans of the unbanded Persian King siblings, the Natural and the Maduro. La Contra by Gran Habano is a Nicaraguan leaf-wrapped Persian King in your choice of Natural or Maduro in a 6 x 50 Rajah or 6 x 60 Tiger.

Persian King is described as a complex cigar with a creamy smooth finish. The Maduro is adorned with an attractive oily dark Nicaraguan sun-grown Maduro wrapper. The highly praised Persian King cigar with the unique Connecticut twisted foot was first released over a decade ago, followed by the Maduro, a Nicaraguan puro with a sun grown wrapper, announced in 2016.  Manufactured in Danli, Honduras by Gran Habano.

La Contra will be available to ship in August 2019, in boxes of 50.

La Contra Natural Rajah 6 x 50 $6.00

La Contra Maduro Rajah 6 x 50 $6.00

La Contra Natural Tiger 6 x 60 $7.00

La Contra Maduro Tiger 6 x 60 $7.00


About Gran Habano Cigars

The Rico family history in tobacco stretches back to 1920, when Guillermo Rico’s grandfather began growing dark tobacco.  Guillermo’s father succeeded his grandfather in 1946, and Guillermo recalls following his father around the fields as a child and his mother rolling cigars at home. That legacy continues today at Gran Habano, with a strong sense of family tradition embedded into every cigar made in Danlí, Honduras.  Danli is where, in 1998, the factory was established.  It became the birth place of all of their premium cigars, and the quintessential Gran Habano look.

Long-filler cigars became the core of the company brand, with three distinct blends:  the No. 1 is a mild but rich cigar with a Connecticut shade wrapper; the No. 3 is a medium-bodied cigar in a Habano wrapper; and the No. 5 is a peppery full-bodied cigar in a Corojo wrapper.  Consistency has always been insisted with these expert blends, which continue to be bestselling cigars.

The legacy of making cigars at Gran Habano continues to be a family affair in the USA at the factory in Miami, FL.  The Rico family strives for quality in every leaf and cigar in production. Honesty and passion is what compels them to make great cigars; this, married with a sense of originality, has been the signature of their company.  At Gran Habano they look to the future with optimism and a great sense of appreciation for those who have come to know them and their brand.

3261 N.W. 82 Avenue, Doral, FL 33122
(305) 436-5960
Gran Habano Catalog 2018

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