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Stogie Travels with “Garo Bouldoukian of Garo Cigars at IPCPR 2019”.

Stogie Travels hosted by Myron Gooch Sr.

“Garo Bouldoukian IPCPR 2019”.

About Garo Cigars

Garo Cigars started in 1995 during the “cigar-boom,” but unlike most boutique brands that reaped the benefits of the boom and disappeared, Garo Cigars is still here.

After 20 years of cigar blending and manufacturing, we are redefining ourselves and the cigars we produce. Our factory in the Dominican Republic is dedicated to producing the best boutique brands on the market.

Every aspect of production is carefully managed and overseen by senior production specialists, from tobacco selection to rollers used and final packaging for shipment. Garo Cigars embodies an obsessive care for detail to truly fulfill the promise of delivering the finest, most consistent cigars in the marketplace.

Remember to always savor every moment.

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