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Trinidad Media Luna Cigars Review.

Trinidad Media Luna Cigars Review.

Company History
Since 1980, the Trinidad Fundadores has been produced exclusively for Fidel Castro. The only boxes that left Cuba were gifts to foreign diplomats. On February of 1998, the brand was officially launched as an export in Trinidad, Cuba.
Trinidad is named after the beautiful 16th Century city of La Santisima Trinidad (The Holy Trinity), listed by UNESCO as a historical monument, which is situated on Cuba’s south coast.
Trinidad, as a Habano, dates back to 1969 but for many years, like Cohiba, it was made only for gifts to foreign diplomats. Not until 1998 was it released for general sale and then only in small quantities.
At the start there was only one size of Trinidad: Fundadores. In 2003 three more sizes, the Reyes, the Coloniales and the Robusto Extra, were added to the range. At the same time Trinidad’s livery and its cigar band were undated to recognize the prestige that the brand commanded. Most recently, in 2009, the Trinidad Robustos T was introduced to the complement the brand’s range.
For several years Trinidad was made at El Laguito, the Cohiba factory, where it’s uniquely fragrant and aromatic, medium flavored blend of filler and binder leaves from the Vuelta Abajo zone was developed.
By the end of 2004 demand for Trinidad had outstripped the production capacity at El Laguito and it was decided that the manufacture of all the brand’s sizes should be transferred to Pinar del Rio City, the most important city of Vuelta Abajo.


The very first thing you notice looking at the Medina is the beautiful pigtail. It’s something about a pigtail call me crazy lol. Taking a good look at the wrapper it’s a attractive evenly colored wrapper. The pre-light has an aroma of finnish bread a mildly sweet earthyness. A floral like notes.

Journey Profile:

1st Third
The pigtail is cut and cedar stick is well burning. Turn turn turn and evenly lit a draw that had a just a slightest resistance producing a incredibly smooth and effortless to enjoy right off the back. There were sweet notes of cedar with a very slight floral tone. A sweet mouth-watering texture developed as the spices were starting to mingle in the profile.

2nd Third:
There were sweet notes of cedar with a slight floral tones. The smoke has a creamy texture with some mild pepper through the nose and on the back end of the each puff. The aroma was very rich, sweet and had a luring quality. A razor edge burn and the burn was slow and even with a very. Smooth and effortless draw.

Final 3rd:
Peppery notes dominated the taste, back with a subtitle sweet edge in the aroma. Some nutty qualities that developed, especially in the aroma. Full flavors the body continued to build to a medium, medium-full. The initial spiciness of the cigar settled showing a more balanced flavor profile in the taste of the smoke. There’s an underlying flavor of some citrus fruit and a leather like texture.

Final Thoughts:
The texture was light on the palate with a medium bodied start that gained momentum down through the duration of the smoke, finishing medium to full flavor overall. Consistent sweet notes in the aroma but the peppery spices were a underlying characteristic. Even with a good amount of age this cigar still had a full personality and complexity in the developing flavors and wonderful aroma. It developed and smoothed out as it was smoked becoming more balcanced in texture and flavor. An excellent cigar that had a lot of flavor and could easily spend more time in the again room.

Myron Gooch Sr.

Wrapper: Cuba.
Binder: Cuba.
Filler: Cuba.

Size: 41/2” x 50.
Rating: 93


About Corporación Habanos, S.A.
Corporación Habanos, S.A. is the world leader in the commercialisation of premium cigars both in Cuba and the rest of the
world. It has a network of exclusive distributors present in five continents and in over 150 countries.
Habanos, S.A. commercialises 27 Premium brands made Totalmente a Mano-Totally by Hand- under the Protected
Denomination of Origin (D.O.P.), including important brands such as Cohiba, Montecristo, Partagás, Romeo y Julieta, Hoyo
de Monterrey and H. Upmann, among others. After over 200 years, Habanos continue to be made Totalmente a Mano- Totally
by Hand and have been a benchmark for the entire world ever since.

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