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PSyKo Seven Nicaragua by Indiana Ortez.

PSyKo Seven Nicaragua by Indiana Ortez for Ventura Cigar Company.

Mayld blend created in collaboration with rising industry star, Indiana Ortez. All eyes have been turned toward the PSyKo SEVEN Nicaragua cigar since its debut at TAA 2019. And enthusiasts everywhere have been anticipating the rich, relaxing smoke seen all over Instagram since the show.

PSyKo SEVEN Nicaragua is the second collaboration between Ventura Cigar Company and Indiana Ortez. The young blender is the master behind the Fathers, Friends, and Fire cigar, which earned industry accolades when it launched in Spring 2018. Using her expertise, intuition, and trademark enthusiasm for the tobacco leaf, in PSyKo SEVEN Nicaragua, Ortez created a complex blend of nuanced flavors that evolve throughout the entire smoke.

“Indiana created something special for PSyKo SEVEN,” says Michael Giannini, General Manager at Ventura Cigar Company. “She learned the craft from her father, master blender Omar Ortez, but in this cigar, the flavor and the vibe is all Indiana. And it’s all PSyKo SEVEN. We’re excited to get this product onto the shelves of our tobacconists, and into the hands of cigar smokers just in time for smoking season.

Appearance :

A seamless colored wrapper with great aroma.  Rich looking with a light oily sheen.  Some dry sweet fruits at the foot and with an effortless cold draw.

Journey Profile:

1st Third:

Once lit the cigar immediately informed you it’s packed with pepper-like spices right out the gate.  Aroma developed immediately.  A slight resistance on the draw with some woody notes.  Some introduction of creamy texture starting to develop along with a underlying nutty texture.

2nd Third:

The up front flavors were interesting with flavors of pepper, and nuts.  While the draw was incredibly smooth, delivering thick clouds of spicy smoke to the palate.  Spices continued to developing but the cigar had a creamy texture with a rich tobacco notes and an aroma like hot chocolate.

Final 3rd:

A creamy texture and sweetness lingered in the back ground of the cigar.  A steady luring aroma and some earthiness with a roast texture.  Spicy notes which intensified as the cigar was smoked with some underlying cedar and some Carmel notes developed.

Final Thoughts:

In the 2 hour ball park the PSyKo Seven Nicaragua maintained a nice amount of black pepper spice through the nose and on to the palate.  Refined flavor and extremely well balanced on the palate.  Plenty of spicy traits in the smoke with a creamy texture and persistent spice.  Very rich tobacco flavors with complexity.


Myron Gooch Sr.

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Connecticut.

Binder: Nicaraguan.

Filler: Nicaraguan.

Size: 6” x 50.

Rating: 89.

About Ventura Cigar Company

Ventura Cigar Company (VCC) is a unique cigar brand born in sunny Southern California that is on a mission to create memorable, complex cigar blends that excite the senses and reward discriminating palates. Their flagship Archetype, Case Study, Project805, and PSyKo SEVEN brands offer multiple award-winning blends. Ventura Cigar Company also distributes the 4th Generation and Comoy’s of London line of pipe tobacco products, extending its reach and tradition of offering top-quality tobacconist products. Pipes and blends under these brands are cultivated through generations of craftsmanship, making them longtime favorites of pipe tobacco enthusiasts.

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