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News: Plasencia Cigars Alma Del Campo Travesia Box Press Now Shipping.

Plasencia Cigars Alma Del Campo Travesia Box Press Now Shipping.

(Miami, Florida) September 24, 2020- Plasencia Cigars, a world leading premium tobacco grower, announces that the Alma del Campo Travesia in its new Box Pressincarnation, is now shipping to retailers. This new expression of the blend represents the first line extension in the wildly popular Alma del Campo series, which launched at the 2017 IPCPR.

This updated version of the Alma de Campo Travesia was born as a response to the public, which consistently requested a box press.

Nestor Andres Plasencia, CEO of Plasencia Cigars stated:” As tobacco growers and premium cigar manufacturers it is important to draw inspiration from the consumer. Open communication with retailers, consumers, and colleagues propels us to create the finest quality in tobacco product, which has been our goal since 1865. The result was to offer the Alma del Campo Travesia in a Box Press format, to further serve the cigar community.”

Smokers of the Alma del Campo Travesia Box Press will experience an even creamier and smoother version, of the Alma de Campo series. This blend is a Nicaraguan puro created with tobaccos curated from the vast Plasencia tobacco portfolio. The Alma del Campo series of cigars is known for its perfect balance, complex flavors, delivering notes of coffee and nuts. It is a very creamy cigar, with a hint of spice.

The 6 1/2 by 54 sized Alma de Campo Travesia Box press is offered in a 10-count box with an MSRP of $17.00

For more information, visit:, and follow @PlasenciaCigars on social media.

About Plasencia Cigars


Plasencia Cigars is one of the biggest Tobacco Growers and Cigar Manufacturers in the world. Growing more than 2,000 Hs of tobacco of the highest quality and producing up to 30,000,000 cigars a year.

For over 150 years, they have been finessing the art of tobacco growth and craftsmanship. From the rich fields of Cuba to the sun-kissed soils of the Nicaraguan and Honduran country sides they have tilled the land to create the finest handmade cigars
– from the earth to the heavens.
For five generations, the finest tabaquero tradition has been rolled into every cigar that bears our name. Tobacco is in Plasencia blood, in our soul, and in our relentless determination to perfect every step of the cigar-making process – from seed to smoke.

Each and every Plasencia is a one-of-a-kind, flavorful and full-bodied cigar that stands amongst the best in the world. In fact, some of the most renowned brands in the market have been carefully handcrafted in our own facilities in Central America. Now, those same premium cigars and our new exclusive blends bear proudly our own labels.
Now is the time to smoke in style. A style of your own.


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