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News: Comeback Story for Royal Jamaica Cigars.

Comeback Story for Royal Jamaica Cigars

– Now a Casa de Montecristo Exclusive – Master Blender Abe Flores selected by Casa de Montecristo blend the Royal Jamaica.

MIAMI, Fla. – The Royal Jamaica cigar brand makes its comeback as a Casa de Montecristo exclusive. Officially launching on Monday, December 14, the day marks a new beginning for a brand that carries a storied history filled with great successes, a natural disaster and now – a revival.

Founded in Jamaica in 1935 by James Frederick Gore, the Royal Jamaica brand earned a reputation for using high-quality local tobaccos and providing a unique smoking experience.  After the Cuban embargo, Royal Jamaica gained in popularity and became a go-to cigar for many. Sadly, disaster struck in 1988 as Hurricane Gilbert wreaked havoc throughout the Caribbean Islands, South, Central and North Americas. Jamaica sustained more than $700 million in damages and the losses for Royal Jamaica were immeasurable with its tobacco crops and a Kingston factory devastated.

Fast forward more than 30 years to today: Casa de Montecristo, the premier luxury line of cigar stores and lounges, is reviving this brand with an elegantly packaged premium cigar that upholds the standard for which Royal Jamaica was known. Master Blender Abe Flores of PDR Cigar Factory was tapped to create the Royal Jamaica blend. Known for his uncanny knowledge of tobacco, Abe succeeded in creating a blend that proudly represents the Royal Jamaica brand.

“I was honored when asked to create a cigar blend which would carry the Royal Jamaica cigar brand,” says Flores. “We placed special attention on the tobaccos used because we wanted the legacy of Royal Jamaica to live on.”

The Royal Jamaica is a complex, flavorful, medium body cigar.  A beautiful Ecuadorian Corojo wraps around double Ecuadorian Habano Binder, and all Dominican fillers. The blend offers a smooth smoking experience which delivers delectable notes of cedar and light coffee.  Finished with a closed foot, the initial light beautifully accentuates the rich profile and depth of the delicious Corojo wrapper.

“At Casa de Montecristo,” said CEO Brad Winstead, “we are always looking for ways to offer our adult clientele the highest quality products. We felt that Royal Jamaica fits in perfectly with our brand and what is expected of us. Master Blender Abe Flores created a rich and unique blend for our modern interpretation of this brand, and we look forward to presenting this exclusive brand to the public.”

The Royal Jamaica comes in 20-count boxes and is expressed in three vitolas:

Toro (52X6), Robusto (52X5) and Gran Corojo (47X6).

About Casa de Montecristo

Casa de Montecristo is a premier, modern cigar store featuring a large selection of premium cigars from such brands as Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta, Arturo Fuente, Padron and Cohiba, as well as premium smoking cigar accessories.

Casa de Montecristo is dedicated to adults who enthusiastically enjoy fine premium cigars and a desire to share that passion with others. It is a “feel-at-home place” to gather with friends and fellow cigar enthusiasts, with an educated staff that aids the experience. Today, Casa de Montecristo has 24 Casas across the USA, including company-owned stores and licensed-based partnerships with some of the top established premium cigar retailers in the country. Visit for more information on locations, events and in-store promotions.

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