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Top 10-6 Cigars Countdown of 2020!

Cigar Number 10  !

Diesel “Delirium” Cigar.

Wrapper: Ecuador (Sumatra)

Binder: U.S.A. (Connecticut Broadleaf)

Filler: Nicaraguan

Vitola (Size): 6” x 52

    Appearance: The cigar had a great classic shape and eye appeal.  There was a silky looking, oily wrapper with a clean, well-fermented tobacco and hey-like note on the pre-light smell. Solid to the touch with an effortless draw.

Final Thoughts:

The aroma stood out and was a great trait of this cigar with a luring very pleasant smell that never lets up throughout the entire duration of this experience.  The cigar delivered a rich, full flavored, medium bodied experience.  A true work horse of a cigar packed with nice flavor.

Final Grade 91!

Top 10-6 Cigars Countdown of 2020!!

Cigars Number 9!

Macanudo Inspirado Palladium Cigar .

 Wrapper: Dominican, Nicaraguan, Mexican

Binder: Connecticut Havana

Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan, Mexican

Vitola (Size): 5 1/2″ x 50

    Appearance: The Palladium has a silky smooth beautiful brown aromatic wrapper. A amazing pre-light aroma also at the foot with a mild hay-like notes and some earthy notes.

Final Thoughts:

What a real treat the cigar had a mild start then a freak like sensation in the mouth after each puff. While smoking it down and intensified in body strength to a medium, medium full at the end. The spices and flavor also developed big time. This a great cigar it was not overly complex offering a great aroma, flavor and very well balanced.

Final Grade 91!

Top 10-6 Cigars Countdown of 2020!!

Cigars Number 8!

Nat Sherman Timeless Supreme 660 Gordo Cigar.

 Wrapper: Nicaragua

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Vitola (Size): 6” x 60

    Appearance: A new look for Nat Sherman is the band and it looks amazing. This is a classic appearance and shape great looking brown wrapper that felt great in the hand. A nice oily sheen with a box pressed shape. Light rich pre-light smell and taste.

Final Thoughts:

The cigar has a long full flavored, medium almost full-bodied finish that left a lasting impression. Great overall construction with an even burn offering a lot of spicy delicate flavors yet had complexity and finesse. A sexy large format cigar with a big personality an ideal cigar to end the evening.

Final Grade 91!

Top 10-6 Cigars Countdown of 2020!!

Cigars Number 7!

Espada by Montecristo Cigar .

 Wrapper: Habano Jalapa Vintage 2010

Binder: Habano Jalapa Vintage 2009

Filler: Habano Jalapa Vintage 2008, Habano Jalapa Ometepe Vintage 2008 and Habano Condega Vintage 2008

Vitola (Size): 6” x 50

    Appearance: This is a great looking cigar that was incredibly smooth to the touch. The wrapper had a silky shine and feel, minimal veins and an over great appearance. The pre-light smell was rich with scents of floral, cedar and hints of pepper.

 Final Thoughts:

Very smooth texture and completely effortless to enjoy. Great flavor with a medium bodies with a lot of pepper flavor. The medium body balanced extremely well with the flavors of the cigar. Very pleasant while spices picked up its flavor and body did not increase. A very well made flavorful cigar easily enjoyed right down to the nub.

Final Grade 92!

Top 10-6 Cigars Countdown of 2020!!

Cigars Number 6!

Joya de Nicaragua Commemorates its 50th Anniversary with CINCO DÉCADAS.

 Wrapper: Proprietary

Binder: Proprietary

Filler: Proprietary

Vitola (Size): 6” x 54

    Appearance: A gorgeous light oily-brown wrapper that has no blemishes.  The size and shape of the Diadema is just amazing anything but your traditional cigar shape.  Subtle aroma of earthiness and cedar on the wrapper and a cocoa like on the pre-light draw and at the foot.

 Final Thoughts:

Fairly complex with a medium-full body.  Effortless al the way to the nub with a lot of up front flavors with an overall spices character.  Gradually build in body with a full and long finish.  Plenty of sweetness to the smoke and an creamy character.  Consistent flavor profile with an incredible smooth draw giving a perfect amount of balance.

Final Grade 92!

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