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News: Alec Bradley Cigar Co. Introduces Trilogy Collector’s Series!

Press Release

Alec Bradley Cigar Co.

Introduces Trilogy Collector’s Series.

2000 Ten-Count Keepsake Boxes of Each Toro Sized Authentic Corojo, Exotic Maduro and Native Cameroon to be Released to US Tobacconists in November

Fort Lauderdale, FL (October 16, 2021)

Alec Bradley Cigar Co. today announced that they will be releasing a Collector’s Series of their innovative triangular shaped Trilogy line of cigars. The three blends that make up the series- Trilogy Authentic Corojo, Trilogy Exotic Maduro and Trilogy Native Cameroon will all be released at once and in their own respective packaging. Each 6″ X 52 ring-gauge, Toro sized, Trilogy blend is being presented in collectable 10-count boxes, designed to mirror the original Trilogy triangular shaped molds that Alec Bradley Founder, Alan Rubin, created in the early 2000s. Only 2000 boxes of each blend will be released to appointed US Tobacconists.

Along with early blockbuster hits like Occidental and MAXX, Trilogy’s unique shape, critical acclaim and market acceptance helped bring the Alec Bradley brand name to prominence. After many years of success, the Trilogy line was eventually retired, but demand remained. On August 12, 2021, Alec Bradley released 300 Limited Edition samplers featuring eighteen Robusto Trilogy cigars (6 of each blend) through Boynton Beach, Florida Tobacconist, Smoke Inn, during a virtual event featuring Alan and his two sons, second generation cigarmakers- Alec and Bradley. Simultaneously, Alec Bradley announced that there would be a release later in the year of Trilogy Toros.

“I began asking about relaunching Trilogy when I started in the family business in 2017,” said Bradley, who managed the Trilogy project. “When I was given the green light on Trilogy, my two main goals were to create something beautiful to pay homage to my dad’s accomplishments and to celebrate the many successes of Alec Bradley. The triangular mold shaped boxes are stunning and will become a true collector’s item for our fans.”


Alec Bradley originally slated the Trilogy Toro release for 1000 boxes of each iteration, but the success of the Robusto sampler drove the company to double production.

“Although we’re in a ‘boom’ and tobacco is at a premium, we were able to secure enough premium aged wrapper, binder and filler for the three Trilogy blends,” Alan said. “By doubling production, we’ve increased the probability that more of our brand advocates will have the ability to enjoy Trilogy. The way things are going; this may be a one and done release.” 

All three Trilogy cigars have been blended to mirror the original flavor profiles. All three blends share the same Honduran Connecticut seed binder and fillers from Nicaragua and Honduras. Exotic Maduro features a Maduro wrapper from Jalapa, Nicaragua, Authentic Corojo features a Corojo wrapper from Jamastran, Honduras and Native Cameroon features a true Cameroon wrapper from the central African nation of the same name. Trilogy will be exclusively distributed to appointed US Tobacconists. MSRP has been set to $15.00 per cigar/ $150.00 per box, before any applicable taxes. Trilogy will begin shipping in November. Alec Bradley Trilogy cigars are being produced at Tobacos De Oriente, Danli, Honduras. 


About Alec Bradley Cigars
Founded by Alan Rubin in 1996, Alec Bradley has been acknowledged as one of the world’s leading producers of fine, handmade premium cigars. Alec Bradley has received the cigar industry’s highest critical acclaim for its Prensado, Tempus, MAXX and Black Market premium cigars, to name a few. Their commitment to satisfying cigar enthusiasts worldwide is demonstrated by their passion for excellence, creativity and the highest quality standards.

For Media Inquiries- please contact Alec Bradley Director of Sales & Marketing, Jonathan Lipson –

phone: 954.321.5991 – 888.426.4397 / fax: 954.321.9968 – 800.648.8876 |

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