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News: La Aurora Cigars Wears Pink.


La Aurora Cigars Wears Pink.


This October, La Aurora Cigars has dressed in pink in support of the fight against breast cancer, a ruthless disease that affects a significant part of our population. Among our initiatives, in addition to “dressing” our factory with pink lights at night time, we have sent out messages to raise awareness about this disease and how self-examination can help its early detection and reduce its negative effects.

Likewise, on the International Day Against Breast Cancer, which is commemorated every October 19th at the initiative of the World Health Organization, we have organised and promoted an auction of an exclusive pink humidor with 74 robust-format cigars from our La Aurora 1903 Edition Preferidos Parejo.

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Pink Humidor Charity Auction

To participate in the auction, those interested had to place their bid in the comments of a publication made on the La Aurora Cigars Instagram account, or contact through a direct message. Automatically, they were contacted to take their data and be entered into the bidding.

The starting bid of the auction was USD $620. Those who entered the bid for the humidor had a deadline between Tuesday 19th at 2:00 pm and Thursday 21st at 5:00 pm. The final winner of the auction won the humidor with a bid of USD $760.

Double the funds that were raised in this auction will be donated to the Fundación de la Unión Médica del Norte Clinic. This auction was held exclusively for people located in the Dominican Republic who were over 18 years of age.

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The oldest cigar factory in the Dominican Republic

La Aurora was founded on October 3, 1903 by Eduardo León Jimenes , a man who was the son and grandson of tobacco growers and who, without neglecting his family tradition, wanted to go one step further with the creation of a brand of cigars to which it aspired to give a global dimension. Its founder was then 18 years old, he inherited some field tasks and with a reduced payroll of six tobacco companies, a lot of enthusiasm and effort, he began to build his dream. Today, 113 years later, La Aurora has a presence on five continents and more than a thousand employees.

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