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News: The Average Joe’s Cigar Media New Grading System.

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The Average Joe’s Cigar Media New Grading System.

Rather than smoking a cigar and telling you what I got on my palate, let’s instead discuss if the manufacturer delivered on the product they promised you!  When you grabbed a cigar from your local lounge, the description said it was sweet with hints of honey, full bodied and carried a floral aroma.  But did it really give you all of that?  No doubt you have experienced a cigar that was completely different from what you expected…so to help you avoid this problem, we are going to tell you how close the different manufacturers actually got to providing you with their ideal product. 

We asked our followers what was most important to them when they smoke, which eventually led us to focus on eight (8) key factors.  It is a simple but consistent grading system that allows us to fairly evaluate the reality vs. the promise.  Cigars are graded on a classroom scale, from A+ to F.  Our primary goal is the help all cigar consumers pick the perfect cigar for them…whether you are enjoying it at a lounge, with a fellow Average Joe, or even by yourself, we want you to have an awesome experience every time you grab a stick.


Feel free to leave your comments and questions…looking forward to indulging in great conversation while enjoying great cigars!

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