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The Blaze Report: Cohiba Robusto .


Cohiba Robusto.

Brand Profile: Strength is medium-full body and flavor,  notes include creamy, rich grassy, beany aroma.   Rich earthy notes on the finish.

Vitola (Size): 124 mm x 50

Wrapper: Cuban – Binder: Cuban – Filler: Cuban


The Blaze Report

An ideal burn, combining balanced strength and flavor, which allows the complex blend to deliver rich grassy/beany aromas, so often associated with the Cohiba brand. Introduced in 1989 as part of the Linea Classica, the Robustos quickly became very popular and is now considered as one of Habanos S.A.’s leading cigars. On a technical level the construction is consistently perfect with a draw that is rich and ample. On the palate the intricate blend of fresh grass, bean aromas and rich earth take turns in leading the delicate bouquet. 5 years age recommended to get the best from the cigar.

Making the Grade


1. Did you enjoy the aroma of the cigar while smoking? Yes,  2. Did the taste transition as you smoked it? Yes   Does it have complexity?  Yes3. How consistent was the strength level ? It was spot on 4. What makes this cigar different or special? Super sexy dark brown oily wrapper.5. Did the cigar produce spice? Yes 6. Did the flavors match the description? Yes,  7.  Did the strength match the description? Yes medium to full8. Would you smoke this cigar again? Yes.

Final Grade



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