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News: Chogüí Cigars Return Dos 77 Corojo.

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Chogüí Cigars Return Dos 77 Corojo.

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Today is a very exciting day as the retailer list is available to seek out and experience the return of the boutique cigar brand Chogüí. If you knew Victor’s brand back in 2014-2018, then you already know to expect a unique expression of Dominican tobacco.

If you have never heard of Chogüí Cigars before, then you luckily now have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with this Dominican born and bred boutique brand.

“He is going to start a new shift toward the Dominican Republic.”

– Kyle Gellis on Victor Nicolas of Chogüí

The Story is Told
“Unable to source the original leaf, ( Victor ) went back to the blending table and got to work. We added an original Sun Grown Corojo wrapper and adjusted the filler to include 2 new varietals of tobacco. This includes the unique and prized Medio Tiempo priming, adding abundant depth and complexity to the cigars soul.”
Victor Nicolas – Chogui Cigars

Origin: Dominican Republic

Factory: Manufactura Rivas

Size: 5.5 x 50

Box Count: 20

Wrapper: Sun Grown Corojo Original, Dominican Republic

Filler: Havano 2020, Havana Vuelta Abajo (HVA), Piloto Mejorado (Medio Tiempo), and Corojo Original

Body: Medium+

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