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Manifatture Sigaro Toscano announces the launch of a new premium cigar series in the US market: Toscano Master.



Manifatture Sigaro Toscano announces the launch of a new premium cigar series in the US market: Toscano Master.

Toscano Master Aged Cigar Series is a new range of Premium cigars made and rolled by Manifatture Sigaro Toscano exclusively for selected countries (today it is only available in USA, Germany, Austria, Spain, Romania and Serbia).

Toscano Master Aged was born from an idea of the Toscano Master Blender to create a unique making process with an extra maturation period, managed by a specialized ‘affinatore’ (refiner).

Starting from the fifth day of maturation, the product is daily checked for specific humidity and temperature standards. These standards must be constantly maintained to ensure absolute perfection. The entire maturation process lasts for a minimum of 360 days in special maturation cells, dedicated to these particular blends.


The constant care of the ‘affinatore’ (a highly experienced cigar blender) ensures the highest quality cigars, with a well-rounded, balanced and unique taste.

The 100% Kentucky seed fire cured tobacco used for the Toscano Master Aged Series has an elongated drying process that supersedes that of the standard Toscano Cigar.

Toscano Master Aged cigars are produced in three different varieties consisting of Italian and American tobacco mixed in different wrapper and filler combinations, providing each cigar with a unique taste and smoking experience.

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Toscano Master Aged series 1’s filler is a blend of Kentucky tobacco from Tuscany, Tennessee and Kentucky, that provides a full body taste. The Italian wrapper with an intense brown color gives a rustic taste. The peculiar tobacco mixture makes this cigar powerful with a full body taste, although softened by the longer maturation period, making its flavour smoother and more balanced. The bigger ring gauge provides a full body and a satiating and balanced taste, with pleasing toasted aromas, typical of the Master Aged series.
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Toscano Master Aged Series 2 has a wrapper of Kentucky Tobacco from Tennessee selected from the best quality of leaves fire cured for 30 days with strong essence wood. The long fire curing process gives the typical toasted taste to the cigar. The filler is a blend of Italian and US Kentucky tobacco for a full body taste mitigated by the longer maturation. An intense cigar, with toasted notes, balanced and rounded body and the hint of scented wood and dried fruit. The filler is wrapped in a bigger ring gauge enhancing the sensory impact of the smoke. A longer drying and maturation softens its undertones for a harmonious smoke.
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MSRP for a pack is $240 ($8 per cigar)
Size is 6,3’
Ring gauge: 40
For press information:
For more information, visit or on Instagram: @Toscanocigars
For pricing and account information, contact Avanti Cigar Company at or 570–558–6115
About Manifatture Sigaro Toscano:
There is an Italy that deserves to be well-known and appreciated worldwide: the Italy of culture and of reinventing traditions over time. It’s the Italy found in every Toscano cigar. Toscano cigars are noble symbols of Italian quality which Manifatture Sigaro Toscano wants to export globally. At MST we are confident that the uniqueness of our product can be appreciated far beyond Italian borders.
Sales Management office is based at the company’s headquarters in Rome, Italy
Factories: Lucca, Cava de’ Tirreni and Foiano della Chiana, the company’s agronomic development and tobacco receiving centre
Toscano cigar is an example of Italian craftsmanship, unique because it:
uses only Kentucky seed Fire Cured tobacco
has a full flavor thanks to our special fermentation technique
undergoes a long aging period
has a unique, truncated-cone shape
The Growing field are located in Lazio, Veneto, Campania, Toscana, Umbria (Italy) and Kentucky and Tennessee (USA)

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