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Evelio Returns.

Evelio Open Box

Evelio, the popular Dominican brand known for its pleasant mellow profile, is returning to the market with an enticing sweet cap.

Handcrafted in the Dominican Republic’s MATASA factory , Evelio is made with a Dominican binder and Dominican long fillers, and is crowned by a golden Connecticut wrapper from Ecuador. A slightly-sweet cap enhances the experience, delivering a pleasurable hint of sweetness that continues as the cigar progresses.

Kevin Irvine, product coordinator of Scandinavian Tobacco Group’s (STG) Online and Retail division said, “Evelio is the ultimate, anytime cigar. The smooth-smoking blend goes just as well with a morning cup of coffee or afternoon stroll as it does with unwinding at the end of a day. Evelio sits right in the sweet spot, too, no pun intended, of the price range for handmade, sweet-tipped smokes, delivering a lot of value for the money.”

Evelio comes in four classic sizes, each presented in boxes containing 20 cigars.

Corona (6” x 43); SRP per cigar $4.75

Robusto (5” x 50); SRP per cigar $5.00

Toro  (6” x 50); SRP per cigar $5.25

Churchill (7” x 48); SRP per cigar $5.50

Evelio Cigar

Evelio is available at retailers now. National distribution will be handled by Meier & Dutch Wholesale Cigar Distributors.

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