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Punch The People’s Champ Cigar…as featured in The Blaze Report.


Punch The People’s Champ Cigar.

Brand Profile:  

Medium-bodied, Nuts, Leather and Pepper

Vitola (Size):

5″ x 50

Wrapper: Honduran Talanga Valley Habano Binder:  Mexican San Andres Filler: Dominican, Brazilian, Nicaragua

Pairs Perfectly With:

Knob Creek Smoked Maple Bourbon Whiskey 


Photo credit by: Myron Gooch

The Blaze Report

This cigar has a very dark brown oily wrapper that had an incredibly pre-light smell with a sweet and tangy, earthy, oily tobacco note.  Solid to the touch yet  a smooth and effortless draw.  Initial flavor was sweet once lit with hints of peppery spice not overwhelming.  The texture of the smoke was creamy.  The smoke was dense with a creamy texture.  Great construction with a slow and even burn with  a medium body full aroma and flavor.  Nice balance and was easy to enjoy smooth experience that didn’t overwhelm the palate.

Graded by: Myron Gooch

 Making the Grade


Photo credit by: Myron Gooch

1. Did you enjoy the aroma of the cigar while smoking? Yes,  2. Did the taste transition as you smoked it? Yes  Does it have complexity?  Yes,   3. How consistent was the strength level ? Medium  4. What makes this cigar different or special? Well Balanced  5. Did the cigar produce spice? Yes  6. Did the flavors match the description? Yes,  7.  Did the strength match the description? Yes  8. Would you smoke this cigar again? Yes.

Final Grade


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Myron Gooch

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