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Alec Bradley Cigar Co. RevealsNew-Mix Classics During PCA 2022.


Alec Bradley Cigar Co. Reveals

New-Mix Classics During PCA 2022.Alec Bradley Cigar Co. Reveals PCA Attendee Exclusive, New-Mix Classics, On Day 1 of Industry Trade Show

4 Remastered Legacy Lines Featured in Sampler Exclusively Available to PCA Attendees

Las Vegas, NV (July 9, 2022)

Alec Bradley Cigar Co. today unveiled their secretive Premium Cigar Association (PCA) Trade Show attendee exclusive release: New-Mix Classics. To great fanfare, tobacconists and media attendees were the first to lay their eyes on the project, which features four toro sized, remastered blends, one each per pack of: Sanctum, Maxx Connecticut, Select Cabinet Reserve (SCR), and Vice Press. Only 1000 retail friendly displays, containing ten, 4-pack samplers per display, are being offered on a first come, first served basis exclusively to tobacconists attending the show.

The Alec Bradley New-Mix Classics project is the result of a’ spring cleaning’ done at the company’s printed material archives.  Thousands of unused cigar bands were found for each of the lines enclosed in the sampler. Using the line with the least original bands to determine maximum cigar production, Founder Alan Rubin, with his sons Alec and Bradley, and Ralph Montero (Alec Bradley Vice President), recreated the four legacy blends to reveal New-Mix Classics at PCA 2022. In addition to being the most important premium cigar industry event of the year, the Trade Show is also where Sanctum, Maxx Connecticut, SCR and Vice Press were originally launched, allowing tobacconists to experience the cigars for the first time.

“I’m sure there are some lost and forgotten about cigars somewhere in our aging rooms,” Bradley said, “but coming across these bands gave us the opportunity to remaster the blends and reintroduce the cigars at the venue where they were first launched, We’re very excited for cigar enthusiasts to experience a piece of Alec Bradley history!

The four cigars have been produced using their original blends.

Sanctum: Wrapper: Honduras | Binder: Cosa Rica | Filler: Honduras/Nicaragua/Colombia | Dimensions: 6″ X 52

SCR: Wrapper: Honduras | Binder: Honduras/Indonesia | Filler: Honduras/Nicaragua | Dimensions: 6″ X 52

Maxx Connecticut: Wrapper: Ecuador | Binder: Costa Rica | Filler: Nicaragua/Colombia/San Andreas/Honduras | Dimensions: 6″ X 54

Vice Press: Wrapper: Nicaragua | Binder: Costa Rica | Filler: Honduras/Nicaragua/San Andreas | Dimensions: 6″ X 54

Alec Bradley New-Mix Classics are being sold now, exclusively to attendees of the PCA Trade Show. Each 4-pack will retail for $34.95 per sampler, before any applicable sales or excise tax. Shipping, to tobacconists, is scheduled for July 2022.

New-Mix Classics reflects on Alec Bradley’s history with PCA, intended to evoke nostalgia amongst tobacconists and brand advocates. Only 1,000 units will be offered for sale exclusively to PCA Trade Show attendees on a first come first served basis at Booth #1205.

Las Vegas, NV (July 9, 2022) Alec Bradley Cigar Co. today unveiled their secretive Premium Cigar Association (PCA) Trade Show attendee exclusive release: New-Mix Classics. Having located thousands of original cigar bands and in an attempt to exhaust the inventory thereof, the principals of Alec Bradley decided to remaster four previously retired lines in Toro formats. Presented in retro-designed, retail friendly displays of ten 4-pack samplers, each sampler contains one cigar each of: Sanctum. Maxx Connecticut, Special Cabinet Reserve (SCR), and Vice Press. Only 1000 displays have been created and are being sold exclusively to the attendees of the PCA Trade Show, happening now. Shipping is expected in July 2022.

About Alec Bradley Cigars
Founded by Alan Rubin in 1996, Alec Bradley has been acknowledged as one of the world’s leading producers of fine, handmade premium cigars. Alec Bradley has received the cigar industry’s highest critical acclaim for its Prensado, Tempus, MAXX and Black Market premium cigars, to name a few. Their commitment to satisfying cigar enthusiasts worldwide is demonstrated by their passion for excellence, creativity and the highest quality standards.

For Media Inquiries- please contact Alec Bradley Director of Sales & Marketing, Jonathan Lipson –

phone: 954.321.5991 – 888.426.4397 / fax: 954.321.9968 – 800.648.8876 |

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