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Stogie Travels at TPE23 feat Howard G. Cigars.


Stogie Travels at TPE23 feat Howard G. Cigars.


Howard G Cigars was grown from a love for cigar culture and a respect for the artisanship behind the craft. After years of discovering a variety of cigars locally in Central Florida and around the world, Howard has developed his own exclusive cigar blends inspired by his most admired sticks.

The HGC collection offers a variety of intensities of premium aged Nicaraguan tobacco for a consistent full and flavorful smoke. Handcrafted with the finest attention to detail – these sticks will flatter the palate of the most seasoned smoker and will undoubtably set the bar for a first timer.

Howard always says, “Some of the most impactful connections I’ve experienced with people have happened while enjoying a good cigar.” Cigars ignite connection. People and connection are the true motivation behind HGC. 

We are committed to the satisfaction of our customers and retail partners and pledge to always stay dedicated to quality and consistency.

At HGC we are focused on evolving as a well respected brand while producing quality premium cigar blends that people enjoy and want to share. – Howard G 

Howard G. Cigars

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