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Occidental Cigar Bar – San Francisco,CA

A diamond in the rough…while visiting the wonderful city of San Francisco, I stumbled upon The Occidental Cigar Club at 471 Pine Street.  Cigar bars are hard to find, but this one is located in the heart of the Financial District.  Apart from cigars, you can enjoy great drinks and conversation.


Co-owner Yvette Cervantes was working the bar and telling me about her wild trip to Barcelona, Spain.  She’s going to get a great deal on a secret stash of Cohiba cigars.

The Occidental Cigar Club San Francisco, CA

At the Occidental, you can find a great selection of cigars including: Padron, Oliva, Alec Bradley, Gurka, Kristoff and Rocky Patel to name just a few.  Their bar is extremely well stocked with whiskies, beers and wines.  Overall great prices and great people make this is a must stop for the Average Joe.


Here is a little bit of history from their site:

While the Occidental Cigar Club was established in 2001, its roots go far back in San Francisco history to the 1860’s and The Occidental Hotel.  This “Quiet House of Peculiar Excellence” was the first real cocktail lounge in the City. Principal Barman Professor Jerry Thomas plied his trade there and was the originator of the Martini.  The first bi-coastal celebrity bartender, he brought civility to the bar scene as well as creativity to mixology.  The wood cut etchings found in his book, The Bon Vivant’s Companion or How to Mix Drinks adorn our walls, and his spirit is embodied in the drinks we pour today.

With the change in laws governing employee workplace environments, cigar smoking in bars and restaurants was banned in 1998.  This labor code was to protect employees from the dangers of second hand smoke.  It did not, however, apply to owners.  A group of like- minded individuals approached the City and requested guidance on opening a legal friendly bar.  The Occidental Cigar Club was born.  And thanks to the support of the City of San Francisco we continue to operate to this day.

The Occidental Cigar Club

471 Pine Street

San Francisco, CA 94104


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