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Pura Sangre Robusto

Pura Sangre (Spanish for “Pure Blood”) cigars are hand made entirely of selected Nicaraguan tobaccos.  This is a bold and rich cigar that features a blend of Nicaraguan Ligero, Seco tobaccos and a robust Viso Habano Colorado wrapper. This cigar is made for The Average Joe who enjoys a cigar with a complex flavor profile. These sticks have a Habano Colorado wrapper aged for five years crafted by Nestor Plasencia.




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  1. I’m smoking the Pura Sangre Matador and isn’t but it didn’t really had the wow factor either.
    After about the 1st third of the cigar the flavor was just average and it really didn’t have great deal of complexity, however the draw was good and the ash was a little firmer than the last one I had a few months back. So on a scale of 5 I would give it a 3


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