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CAO Cigars Introduce Angry Santa and Evil Snowman.


The holidays are here, and we’re bringing you two limited edition releases that’ll be around just for the season.

Angry Santa and Evil Snowman were inspired by what happened to Rick Rodriguez on Christmas 1969. We’re not going to tell you the story now, but we will be posting it in the coming weeks. So come back to check it out.

The cigars themselves are tweaks on our award winning La Traviata. We used the same wrappers as La Traviata (Angry Santa is the Natural, Evil Snowman the Maduro), but we selected leaves from higher primings. And we modified the blends too, choosing tobacco from different origins to create slightly spicier, more complex flavors.

Check out the specs below, and make sure you pick up the cigars at a tobacconist near you  before the holidays are over.


W: Ecuador Habano

B: Broadleaf

F: Honduran, Nicaraguan


W: Connecticut Broadleaf

B: Honduran

F: Nicaraguan, Dominican Piloto Cubano

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