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La Descarga Rum Bar is like finding paradise in Los Angeles!


It was like finding paradise in Los Angeles, a real speakeasy hangout.  I approached the door and was greeted by the doorman Christian – this man is busy, because I later found out that he has more than three jobs covering all types of activities inside the door.  He was great and was able to get me in, but be sure to make reservations – they are definitely a requirement!

   20140116_210950 20140116_211026

20140116_211445 20140116_212543

Once I made it to the top of the stairs, I was greeted by three beautiful women…much like Charlie’s Angels.  That’s when I realized that this place was going to be a lot of fun; with good cigars, great rum, and burlesque dancers, there is definitely something for everyone.  But making it to the top of the stairs is not the end of your journey.  You walk through an armoire filled with clothes, and when you come out on the other side, there is a catwalk and a beautiful spiraled staircase that leads to a truly grand rum bar.

20140116_212331 20140116_212342

20140116_213617 20140116_213856

20140116_223643 20140116_223432

The ambiance was breathtaking – a very Prohibition feel, like you were getting away with something illegal.  Even though it is small, it has a great cozy feeling and it is definitely one of the most stylish places I have visited in a long time.  There was an abundance of vintage lighting and the various types of drinking glasses reflected it beautifully.  In the bar, you have a great view of all that this club has to offer and you can rest assured that your cocktails are made with care.  Even better, the bar was prime VIP seating to give you an up close and personal experience of La Descarga.

20140116_224527 20140116_212610

20140116_233311 20140116_220243

20140116_213200 20140116_213200a

Out on the patio, there was great music and vibrant scenery perfect for the featured activity – Latin dancing.  And the view was just as good – from the patio, you are overlooking La Descarga’s wall of over 60 different world famous Rums and Payne Mason cigars.

20140117_000011 20140116_213441

Overall, I had a blast at La Descarga.  This is by far one of Los Angeles’ hippest cigar and rum hangouts, filled with great music, dancing and atmosphere. Myron Gooch Sr.

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