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CLE Cuarenta Review.

CLE Cover

Christian Eiroa has returned to the cigar business with the formation of CLE Cigar Co.  CLE stands for Eiroa’s initials (his middle name is Luís) and is the first cigar to come from his new venture.  CLE Cuarenta cigars are one of the first releases from Christian Eiroa. Named for Christian’s 40th birthday, CLE Cuarenta is a medium, full-flavored cigar handcrafted with a blend of all-Honduran-grown tobaccos capped by a savoury Habano wrapper.



CLE comes in three varieties: CLE Cuarenta, made with Habano-seed wrapper, CLE Corojo, made with Corojo wrapper, and the CLE Connecticut, made with the Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade leaf.  The Cuarenta is named in honor of Eiroa’s upcoming 40th birthday, which took place in July 2012.



The CLE Cuarenta has a gorgeous dark Habano wrapper with a nice reddish tone.  The feel of the cigar was firm.  Its veins were at a minimum and overall it was a very sharp looking cigar.  Once lit, the cigar gave way to a slow burn with excellent draw and only slight resistance – the taste had a nice amount of cedar, woods, and spiciness.  The CLE gave off plenty of thick smoke and had an ash that was whitish-grey and held on almost to the cap of the cigar – very impressive as I was expecting it to fall off at any moment.


The burn on the Cuarenta was outstanding as was its overall construction.  Down to the end of the smoke, the CLE was flavorful with a rich finish.

Myron Gooch Sr.

Wrapper: Habano

Binder: Honduras

Filler: Honduras

Size: 5 x 50

Rating: 90

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