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Jake and Harley’s Cigars Albuquerque, New Mexico




Jake and Harley’s (J&H) was founded in 2010 by Tony Shangler and was named after his late Yellow Lab (Jake) and Chihuahua (Harley).  After owning and operating several successful art & jewelry galleries in Albuquerque, Tony decided to combine his love of the galleries with his passion for cigars.  What sets J&H apart from other cigars stores in New Mexico is the perfectly humidified 400 sq. ft. well stocked humidor.  The ambience at Jake & Harley’s can be really be enjoyed in The Dog House lounge.  The lounge has been designed for relaxation, conversation and is the perfect place to catch your favorite sporting event on one of the three television screens.  The Dog House Lounge has a hospital grade filtration system to prevent the smoke from getting too thick, which is a great feature to have.  It is also equipped with free Wi-Fi, making for a prime meeting location or private event.



J&H partnered with Jinja Bar & Bistro next door to create The Patio, a place where you can enjoy your favorite smoke with Jinja’s full bar and menu service.  The Patio overlooks the city and the backdrop of the majestic Sandia Albuquerque Mountains.  On the weekends in summer months, the patio is host to live music of all types.



 J&H also offer their own unique mild to medium long filler cigars blend, which will give you the pleasure of a very high end cigar at a very affordable price.  These cigars are grown, processed and totally handmade in the Dominican Republic with authentic Cuban seed tobacco leaves and wrapped with a smooth and beautiful Corojo and Maduro wrapper. These cigars are perfect for the everyday smoke.  You will never grow tired of this wonderful cigar.




Customer service is everything to Jake & Harley’s, and they work to provide each customer coming through the door with a satisfying experience – an experience that if you will also want to share with friends, family and colleagues.

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