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Doña Flor Tradicional Blend Cigar

Doña Flor is a famous tale of an enigmatic Brazilian woman and the two men who love her.  It is a story that has become a cherished part of the passionate Brazilian soul.



The brand is the creation of Felix Menendez, whose family is world renowned in the cigar industry.  Doña Flor cigars are made from pure Brazilian tobacco – the Mata Fina and Mata Norte tobacco, sun-grown in the rich soil of the Recôncavo Basin.  They are available in a variety of vitolas.


This cigar was solid to the touch with a hearty, dark wrapper and a rustic look.  There is a unique pre-light smell from the foot of the cigar.  A slight resistance on the draw did not pose a problem, allowing plenty of smoke to come through.  It had a decent burn with a woodsy and earthy aroma.


Doña Flor offered a lot of flavor with a bold character and an overall medium body.  Overall, it is a well-made cigar that delivers a lot of flavors and complexity.  You can expect a mostly even burn with no maintenance required to hold on to a two inch ash.

Myron Gooch Sr.

Time Smoked: 1 hour 15 minutes.

Cost: $7.00

Wrapper: Mata Fina.

Binder: Mata Fina.

Filler: Mata Fina & Mata Norte.

Size: 5” x 52.

Rating: 88

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