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MBombay Cigar by Bombay Tobak Cigars “Flawless Construction”


Cigars for Bombay Tobak is a way of life. The philosophy is simple; use the best quality of tobaccos and make a best quality cigar. Their cigars are rolled in Costa Rica, and the band surrounding the cigar portray the most detailed and artistic nature of their small industry.

20140623_170414 20140623_172540

20140623_172615 20140623_174442

20140623_175310 20140623_175929

The cigar has a beautiful, brown Connecticut wrapper.  There is a very nice pre-light aroma reminiscent of a light bouquet of flowers.  A slight resistance on the draw allowed very nice thick and sweet smoke through.  It held a tight gray ash.  Overall the MBombay is a mild cigar with near flawless construction that had a great even burn.

Myron Gooch Sr.

 Time Smoked: 1 Hour and 24 Minutes

Cost: Gift

Wrapper: Ecuador Connecticut 2001.

Binder: Dominican Republic.

Filler: Honduras,Nicaragua, Dominican Republic and Peru.

Size: 5’ x 52.

Rating: 90

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