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Introducing the BG Meyer Standard Issue!

Davidoff of Geneva USA and Rob Weiss are pleased to introduce the BG Meyer Standard Issue, an exciting new collaboration between the Hollywood writer, director, producer and Camacho Cigars. Weiss, a self-made challenger of convention, has been an avid cigar aficionado for over a decade. After joining Camacho’s “Board of the Bold” in 2013, an opportunity arose for Weiss to partner with Camacho on a label of his very own, the newly formed BG Meyer Co.

BG Meyer embodies the aspirations of those on the journey to live a legendary life. The breadth of a man’s spirit rests in his passion for adventure. A life of merit is not measured by ones accomplishments, but rather the road traveled to get there. The BG Meyer Co. celebrates that legendary journey and the extraordinary men forging their own paths. Embracing the unknown in the search of meaning, excitement, fulfillment. And the freedom they find discovering it.

“The journey to find success in the entertainment industry is marked by many failures and fewer successes. It’s important to find happiness in the process. The same can be said for the cigar business. I have enjoyed the process of making these, almost as much as I have enjoyed smoking them. In the creation of cigars and stories there are similarities. You want your audience to feel fulfilled and fall in love. Whether it’s with a character who will influence their life, or a cigar that will accompany it,” said Rob Weiss.

The BG Meyer Standard Issue is a Nicaraguan blend hand-built by AgroIndustrias Laepe S.A., in Danli, Honduras. The cigar is a medium to full intensity smoke featuring five different tobaccos that have aged for up to 8 years. Available in five popular formats, the Standard Issue is packed in boxes of twenty cigars and will retail from $8 to $10.


Wrapper: Habano  Binder: Nicaragua  Filler: Corojo 99, Nicaragua (Esteli, Ometepe)

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