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Dante Canto III Robusto Cigar Review “Devilishly Delicious Smoke”


Hidden amidst the dangerous shadows of the Underworld, buried deep in its smokiest corner, lay a cigar so tempting it aroused the Wicked One’s envy: Dante. After years of perilous searching, Dante has managed to retrieve this devilishly delicious smoke and now introduce it to you. A reimagination of its turn-of-the-century namesake, Dante balances strength, spice, and sweetness with a diabolical twist. Hand made by master rollers in Miami using the finest Aganorsa leaf, Dante reflects the pinnacle of premium boutique cigars.



This cigar has a toothy brown wrapper with sweet hay-like notes on the pre-light draw. The Dante is a very good looking cigar with a great smell.  There seems to be an even more earthiness radiate from the body of the cigar.  I get a lot of rich aroma in my nostrils from the wrapper.  The cold draw was perfect it was nice and smooth.

Journey Profile:


The first few puffs into smoking the Dante were exceptional. There was a very clean burn the minute it was lit.  It started by holding a long ash very well at the beginning.  The draw stayed very easy and kept getting better.  Mid way into the body I notice that half of the cigar was burning.  I continued and it corrected itself with a flame touchup.  Nice thick and dense smoke filled the air with a great aroma.  There was some creaminess detected that really mellowed out the characters in the Dante.

Upon lighting the foot the burn did not seem that it would be a problem. With that being said mid body towards the cap the off burn returned.  Still I was able to enjoy full flavored characters with a nice slow burn.   More creamy texture smoke continued to come through the mouth with a nice amount of spice in the nose.  Really nice the second half of the Dante it produced another long ash and it held on until the very end.

Final Thoughts:


The cigar offered a lot of flavor with forward character and a medium body. It maintained consistent sweet notes and aroma with spice and a long finish.  The aroma also intensified and maintained a rich luring profile.  Very easy on the palate packed with flavor.  Very well made and a joy to smoke.

Myron Gooch Sr.

Time Smoked: 1 hour 35 minutes.

Cost: $9.75

Wrapper: San Andreas.

Binder: Nicaragua.

Filler: Nicaragua.

Size: 5” x 50.

Rating: 89

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