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En Fuego Cigars & Lounge Las Vegas Welcomes Hirochi Robina


En Fuego Cigars & Lounge, formerly known as Don Yeyo Cigar Factory, is committed to carrying on the tradition of importing premium tobacco and hand rolling 10 different sizes of cigars specifically for your enjoyment.

Their love of savoring a great cigar is equaled by En Fuego love of being comfortable while smoking. Therefore, we’ve created an atmosphere designed with just that in mind. Our walk-in humidor is surrounded by luxurious leather chairs, soothing lighting and high ceilings. Chess, checkers and backgammon accompany our big screen televisions and free wi-fi. Three state of the art air purifiers will ensure that you wont have to get undressed in the garage. Our master cigar roller is on-site and welcomes your viewing pleasure. Witnessing the true art of cigar making guarantees to enhance your smoking experience forever.

Whether it’s time for yourself or time with friends, En Fuego’s comfortable surroundings are waiting for you.

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20141107_162450_wm 20141107_161045_wm

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