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2014 Cigar Aficionado Magazine host Big Smoke Las Vegas Friday Evening.

Durung this year’s Big Smoke we were able to enjoy an epic Friday evening with some of the top brands in the cigar industry.

With an endless flow of spirits, food and commradery, Cigar Aficionado magazine hosted a great cigar event.  They are continuing on their high standard of excellence for all new and casual cigar lovers.  

If you have never been to a Big Smoke event, it’s time for you to go.

wpid-20141107_183341_wm.jpg wpid-20141107_192431_wm.jpg

wpid-20141107_192435_wm.jpg wpid-20141107_191451_wm.jpg

wpid-20141107_191542_wm.jpg wpid-20141107_191850_wm.jpg

wpid-20141107_192031_wm.jpg wpid-20141107_1921030_wm.jpg

wpid-20141107_192231_wm.jpg wpid-20141107_192340_wm.jpg

wpid-20141107_192431_wm.jpg wpid-20141107_192836_wm.jpg

wpid-20141107_192533_wm.jpgwpid-20141107_192435_wm.jpg wpid-20141107_192652_wm.jpgwpid-20141107_193052_wm.jpg

wpid-20141107_193304_wm.jpg wpid-20141107_194642_wm.jpg

wpid-20141107_1951090_wm.jpg wpid-20141107_195242_wm.jpg

wpid-20141107_195320_wm.jpg wpid-20141107_200318_wm.jpg

wpid-20141107_200615_wm.jpg wpid-20141107_200626_wm.jpg

wpid-20141107_200954_wm.jpg wpid-20141107_201111_wm.jpg

wpid-20141107_201408_wm.jpg wpid-20141107_202030_wm.jpg

wpid-20141109_152718_wm.jpg wpid-20141107_202133_wm.jpg

wpid-20141107_210504_wm.jpg wpid-20141107_210347_wm.jpg

wpid-img_214221130455225_wm.jpg wpid-20141107_213308_wm.jpg

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