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No. 9 Best Cigar Pick of 2014 “Torano Vault D-042 Blend Cigar “


The Torano Family has an incredibly rich history in the cigar industry dating back to 1916 and lasting now into their fourth generation. By 1959, the Toraño family owned and operated 17 tobacco farms. After the Cuban revolution, they began growing tobacco in the Dominican Republic and later expanded to Nicaragua, Mexico and Ecuador.


Today, Torano’s great-grandson Charlie is able to work with some of the finest people in the cigar business. Men like Carlos Llaca-Toraño, Felipe “The Master” Sosa, Bruce “the Aussie” Lewis, and Jack “the Giant” Toraño. His mission is to strive every day to create unique cigar blends that will appeal to every palate.


 The Vault D-042 has an evenly colored wrapper with a delicious pre-light smell of earth and spice. It has a smooth and easy draw, allowing plenty of smoke through to the palate. Its solid construction allowed it to maintain a firm feel and provided for a slow and even burn and a nice white ash. Right away, there was a full rich aroma and bold flavors. Wood, earth, and spicy notes were given through the nose.


 Overall, the Vault D-042 is a medium body full of flavor and an alluring aroma. This cigar stands out and while complex, it is nicely balanced and extremely well made.

Myron Gooch Sr.

 Time Smoked: 1 hour 55 minutes

Cost: $7.50

Wrapper: Habano Ecuador.

Binder: Habano Nicaragua.

Filler: Jalapa, Esteli and Pennsylvania

Size: 5’ x 52.

Rating: 92


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