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Epic Maduro Cigars by Dean Parsons “You deserve a cigar worthy of your achievements”.


Brand History

With passion for a good cigar and a memorable smoke, and with many years of experience of this enjoyment, Dean Parsons founded and trademarked Epic Cigars in 2010.  Epic Cigars use only the finest tocerdors with decades of Cigar making experience.  They incorporate the highest quality tobaccos available from the Dominican Republic and around the tobacco-world in our premium cigar blends.  After months of choosing tobaccos, months of proper aging and blending, Epic Cigars launched in 2012.

Dean Parsons Bio


Dean Parsons had a well-established real estate business in Turk and Caicos when he first decided to get into the cigar industry.  This led him to travel to the Dominican Republic where he toured many factories including Davidoff and Aurora.  While there, he met a friend by the name of Rolando Villamil, a master blender with over 30 years of knowledge in the cigar world.

Rolando Villamil had already rolled for Kristoff Cigars, creating the original blend for their Glen Case cigar line.  After a few pilgrimages to the Dominican Republic, Dean thought it was time to break into the cigar industry by blending his own cigar called “Turks Select”.  Dean then had the cigars that he blended place everywhere in the Turks and Caicos Island that he could until the decline in the real estate market brought the line to an end.

After relocating to the Dominican Republic, Dean was able to spend plenty of time in cigar factories crafting his trade for another Dean Parsons’ movement.  Like a good game of chess, Dean knew he had to make his foot print into the story of fine cigars.  In 2010, he bought the domain name “Epic” and trademarked it.  Dean and Villamil then began to embark on a new legacy of blending one of the world’s finest cigars.  They officially presented Epic Cigars in 2013 with the tag line: “You deserve a cigar worthy of your achievements”.


 The Epic Maduro Reserva has an evenly rich colored and somewhat oily wrapper.  There was plenty of mild cedar notes on the pre-light aroma, and the foot had both sweetness and earthiness.  It was very aromatic and firm to the touch.


 Journey Profile:

 1st qtr: Once lit, the Epic experience began with some big tobacco aromas and an extremely smooth draw.  A good open draw delivered rich and full flavors with some creamy texture.  Its dense smoke cut through to the palate and was very pleasing.  2nd qtr: At this point in the cigar, it was completely effortless a great burn and excellent construction.  There was spice that developed through the nose along with some underlying sweetness, all delivering a very well balanced flavor.  3rd qtr: Full flavors and rich characters were in full bloom.  This awesome profile never let up.  The incredible smoothness had a great creamy texture of cocoa and spices that evened out for a very satisfying smoking experience.  4th qtr: The last portion of this cigar had very good complexity and produced a stronger aroma with a good amount of spice.  There was a truly pleasurable amount of woody character with more smooth earth tones.


Final Thoughts:

 The Epic Maduro cigar had a very complex and robust flavor with an overall full character.  It had a very even, slow burn and held a nice long ash.  Its strength picked up in the second half of the smoke, making for a mouthwatering experience.  There were cocoa notes along with both sweetness and spiciness that lingered both on the palate and in the air.  Epic Maduro has great construction and ended with a big, flavorful finish.


Myron Gooch Sr.

  Reviewed at: Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge Los Angeles, CA

Time Smoked: 1 hour 55 minutes.

Cost: Mailed Samples

Wrapper: Brazilian.

Binder: Cameroon.

Filler: Nicaragua / Dominican Republic.

Size: 5” x 52.

Rating: 92

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