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Cult Classic Cigars “Life’s too short to smoke alone.”


Brand History

Cult is crafted in Nicaragua by cigar artisans at TACASA, S.A. a boutique cigar company in Esteli, Nicaragua owned by Carlos and his son Chris Sanchez – founders and longtime owners of Reel Smokers Cigar Shop in Deerfield Beach, FL. TACASA was chosen specifically to create this uncommon and unique cigar.

This is the original blend that launched the Cult Cigar series – a wonderful Nicaraguan handmade manufactured by TACASA S.A. in Esteli that can be enjoyed any time of the day.  It is a mild to medium strength cigar that is packed with a tasteful blend of toasty flavors for both the novice and seasoned smoker to enjoy.


This cigar has a gorgeous dark-brown wrapper that is firm yet silky to the touch with a few noticeable oils.  It is evenly colored with an earthy aroma on the pre-light.


 Journey Profile:

1st quarter: There was a slight resistance to the draw, yet it was still light and easy start.  Cedar tones provided a lot of flavorful smoke through to the palate.  2nd quarter: A very subtle and rich flavor started to level out smoothly, with some spice in the flavors and on the nose.  The draw opened up completely, providing for even more aromas in the dense smoke.  3rd quarter: This cigar’s creamy textures along with a lighter spice started to grow more prevalent in the nose.  There was also some underlying sweetness with a well-balanced flavor.  Its overall good construction provided for a slow, even burn and very good ash, while its flavors and strength reached a medium level.  4th quarter: A hearty aroma with a slight sweetness was consistent through to the last portion of the cigar.  There is definitely a unique creamy character to the Cult cigar that lingers on your palate.  It finished very lightly with subtle changes throughout.


Final Thoughts:

 The Cult Cigar slowly grew in body while its smoke delivered a smooth texture with a clean finish.  It is an effortless cigar to smoke with a solid, medium-body character full of rich flavors.  In addition to being well made, its unique character makes is inviting and very enjoyable to smoke.


Myron Gooch Sr. 

Reviewed at: Man Cave.

Time Smoked: 2 hour 15 minutes.

Cost: $8.50

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano (Rosado).

Binder: Indonesian.

Filler: Nicaragua, and Jalapa.

Size: 6” x 50.

Rating: 89

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