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MUWAT by Drew Estate Cigars “My Uzi Weighs a Ton 7×70”


Brand History:

The Drew Estate story is one of daring, heartbreak and success; but, most of all, it is a story of passion for cigars and the country of Nicaragua, where they have been making cigars since 1998.

Jonathan Drew & Marvin Samel are not your average cigar makers.  Their story does not start in Cuba or with fathers in the cigar business.  It started simply with a dream, and through their can-do spirit and never-say-die attitude, they made Drew Estate one of the premier cigar manufacturers in the world.

The two frat brothers from New York started out small…. as in a 16 square foot retail kiosk in the World Trade Center in New York City.  In late 1998, Jonathan Drew moved to Esteli, Nicaragua with the hopes of starting a rebirth in the cigar world.  While back in Brooklyn, Marvin held down the fort.  For a year or so, things were bleak but they knew they were on to something and continued to persevere.  In July of 2007, La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate was created.  It is one of the most impressive cigar factories in all Central America, measuring over 96,000 sq. feet.  It is the largest cigar factory in Nicaragua and one of the five largest premium cigar factories in the world.  La Gran Fabrica factory makes 94,000 handmade cigars a day and it is a reflection of both who Jonathan and Marvin have become as well as what Drew Estate means.

 The MUWAT story began on the very first final consumer blending session at the Joya de Nicaragua factory in late 2010 during a Cigar Safari tour.  After conducting blending sessions for the previous three years at the Drew Estate factory, work was amped up to extend the concept to JDN.  Jonathan worked with the JDN team utilizing DE tobaccos, including a San Andreas Negro Wrapper, Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade Binder and hearty Brazilian Mata Fina Filler, coupled with Nicaraguan fillers provided by JDN.  The blend proved to be rich and earthy, with a bright, sweet undertone.  As months of blending passed, Jonathan felt this blend was most noble in the 6×60 format and began calling this cigar “MUWAT” which stands for “My Uzi Weighs A Ton”.


The MUWAT has a dark and brown wrapper with a slightly rugged appearance.  The pre-light smell was very earthy and it was oily to the touch with some toothiness.


Journey Profile:

1st quarter: Once lit, it produced a lot of smoke with an effortless draw.  There was some sweetness and a light earthy spice on the palate along with other deep, rich flavors.  2nd quarter: Woody characteristics and earthy notes dominated the flavor.  There were smooth and sweet flavors and an aroma of both medium body and flavor.  3rd quarter: The burn remained slow and there was a definite increase of woodsy and earthy aroma and flavors.  There was a small amount of spice in the nose and the draw really opened up to allow the flavors to come through even fuller.  4th quarter: By this point, the cigar became spongy to the touch and a little hot.  However, the flavor intensified the further down the cigar was smoked.  The noticeable spice remained present and it concluded with big consistent flavors on the palate.


Final Thoughts:

Overall, the MUWAT offers medium flavors and a mild-medium body.  It was pleasantly light with a good aroma, and balanced with characteristics of sweetness, spice and earthiness.  It has excellent construction and a consistent burn all the way to the finish.


 Myron Gooch Sr.

Reviewed at: V Cut Cigar Lounge Los Angeles, CA.

Time Smoked: 3 hour 20 minutes.

Cost: $18.00

Wrapper: Nicaragua.

Binder: Nicaragua.

Filler: Nicaragua.

Size: 7” x 70.

Rating: 89

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