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Press Release: Habanos SA presents its new line of Habanos aged.

Habanos SA presents its new line of Habanos aged


  • It is Habanos that have been aged in Cuba, in perfect conditions, a minimum of five years
  • The “aged” concept novel opens with two releases: Romeo y Julieta Churchills Montecristo Pyramids aged and aged. Both are also innovative in their respective brands vitolas

Habanos SA presents, for the first time, two novel launches aged Habanos Habanos and crooked, that have been aged in Cuba for 5 or more years in perfect conditions, allowing them to earn nuances and complexity without losing its characteristics initial organoleptic.


The launch of “aged” concept is performed with two sets: Romeo and Juliet aged Pyramids (girth 52 x 156 mm long) and Montecristo aged Churchills (girth 47 x 178 mm long). Both are new references and are presented as a Special Edition in limited quantities and in a single launch. In both cases, it is Habanos who have gone through a process of maturing between 5 and 8 years .


With the aging process, the snuff has evolved becoming rounder and palatable, getting notes of delicate flavor and sweetish and, above all, presents woody nuances of flavor, thanks to years of rest next to the cedar that protects it.


 The launch of Romeo and Juliet Pyramids aged and aged Churchills Montecristo is doubly novel : the aging process and also by incorporating not present in the standard portfolio of both brands formats.


The aged Habanos sold in their drawers originals , which have remained without enabling throughout the aging process, and who are clothed with corresponding ratings of each brand to its release.


The current presentation is enabled drawer, with two rings, stick outside reading “aged” and vitolina in which the concept is explained. In the bottom drawer can check the date of Twisted Habanos . To this is added an additional stamp with the word “Revised” , because 100% of the drawers were open and all the Habanos have been individually reviewed.


Romeo and Juliet Pyramids aged and aged Montecristo Churchills will be available at retail outlets worldwide during the first quarter of 2015.

Romeo and Juliet aged Pyramids

Brand: Romeo and Juliet
Vitola Out: Pyramids
Vitola de Galera: Pyramids
Measures: Girth 52 (20.64 mm) x 156 mm long
Presentations: Current Enabled box of 25 units.

Montecristo Churchills aged

Brand: Montecristo
Vitola Out: Churchills
Vitola de Galera: Julieta No. 2
Measures: Bough 47 (18.65 mm) x 178 mm long
Presentations: Current Enabled box of 25 units.

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