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News: The new Partagas Series cigarillos


The new Partagas Series cigarillos – the world’s best-selling Habano now available as a cigarillo.

Exclusively at Casa del Habanos, Habanos Specialists and Habanos Points

5th Avenue, the official exclusive importer of Habanos in Germany and Austria, the new premium line Partagas Series leads cigarillo segment from the beginning of July with the two formats and Mini Club a.

In addition to the highly successful, classic lace cigarillos of the new Partagas Series adds line from now the standard range of the so-called Minis Cubanos.

In developing this new cigarillos was the best-selling Habano the world, the Partagas Serie D No. 4, Godfather. Therefore, these small works of art are characterized also by its distinctive, earthy-peppery aromas and an intense tobacco taste – the essence of Cuba in a small cigarillo. The Partagas Series cigarillos aimed thus mainly to experienced smokers of strong premium cigarillos and to the lovers of Cuban premium cigars.

The package design of the Partagas Series cigarillos accesses the famous design of the big sisters. The red bathroom on a black background it differs significantly from the existing Partagas Mini and Club and also shows the creative flavor relationship to the premium cigars.

The new Partagas Series Mini Club and will initially be available only at the Casa del Habano, Habanos Specialists and Habanos Points.


The retail price of the Partagas Series Mini is 10, – Euro for 20 mini cigarillos. The corresponding costs 13,60 Euro Club format for 20.


Partagas Series Mini and Club

Formats (dimensions): Mini (82 x 7.6mm) and
Club (96.5 x 8.8mm)

Filler: Cuba
Binder: Cuba
Wrapper: Cuba

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