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IPCPR 2015 Foundry Cigars is proud to announce the debut of “BOLIVAR and RAMON ALLONES”


IPCPR 2015

The paradigm shifts once again. Time travel takes on a new meaning.

In homage to the past and a nod to the future, classics are reimagined. With a passport to forbidden tobacco, suddenly the old is new. You’ve expected the unexpected from Michael Giannini and Foundry Tobacco Company. Once again, the visionaries deliver.

Heritage brands are shone in a modern and contemporary light. Here is a futuristic interpretation of how two storied brands could look 10 years from now. The world’s best tobaccos mixed with the forbidden fruit.

But for now, while those leaves remains locked away, the blends tell the story. The best tobaccos from the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Nicaragua and the USA expertly developed in true Foundry style.

Make way for the new classics.


It starts with an optical lesson in history. Right on the box. Bolivar cigars are named for Simon Bolivar. The legendary liberator who led wars of independence in South America. The brand began in Cuba in the 1900s. Its classic taste reimagined by Foundry Tobacco Company. The new cigar is a bold tribute. Worthy of its pedigree. Tobaccos spanning six countries. Conventions broken with visos and ligeros. Its time has come.

660 — 6 x 60, SRP per cigar $7.49

652 —  6 x 52, SRP per cigar $6.99

550 —  5 x 50, SRP per cigar $6.49


Introduced in Cuba in 1837. Today, there’s passport to the future with each draw. An unfinished foot. A nod to old-world craftsmanship. A dark and lustrous wrapper. A modern puro blended with Foundry Tobacco Company expertise. Full-flavored and fully Nicaraguan.  A color-blocked passport to the future.

660 — 6 x 60, SRP per cigar $7.49

652 —  6 x 52, SRP per cigar $6.99

550 —  5 x 50, SRP per cigar $6.49

 FTC_Ramon Allones

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