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News: IPCPR 2015 La Gloria Cubana Trunk Show.


La Gloria Cubana Trunk Show.

IPCPR 2015

The innovators behind the original boutique cigar brand proudly unveil a retrospective of the La Gloria Cubana Trunk Show series.

 The limited edition release culminates three years of artistry with a collection of expertly-blended, robust cigars made in the Trunk Show tradition, with rare tobaccos and trademark smokeable bands.

Presented in an elegant keepsake humidor containing 36 cigars are the small batch creations of Creative Director Michael Giannini and Blender Yuri Guillen. This special offer contains six cigars each from the MG-08 and YG-23 blends released in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

 Michael Giannini said, “The La Gloria Cubana Trunk Show is one of our most well-received limited edition items to date. Since we have people clamoring for previous releases, we decided to create a collection that showcases all of the Trunk Show offerings. We thought this to be a fitting way to end such a successful series.”

 The Trunk Show collection will retire with this retrospective release, making it a must-have item for the true La Gloria Cubana aficionado.

 Each box contains these cigars whose blends have never been fully revealed.

LGC_trunk show_2015

Liga YG-23 2014 — 7.25 x 54

Liga MG-08 2014 – 7.25 x 54

Liga YG-23 2013 — 6 7/8 x 58

Liga MG-08 2013– 7 x 60

Liga YG-23 2012 – 7 x 60

Liga MG-08 2012 – 7 x 52

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