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News: Habanos World News

In the world there are few things that, undoubtedly, are the best in its class. One is the Habano.


It was in Cuba in 1492 when the Spanish expedition led by Christopher Columbus first saw the snuff in the New World. Taino Indians rolled up and lit mysterious leaves called Cohiba ?? ??, in a ceremony hitherto unknown to the discoverers. From that starting point in Cuba more than 500 years ago, he was traded snuff and also planted around the globe. However since the beginning of this discovery, the Cuban Black Snuff was considered the best in the world by the unique conditions that hold certain parts of the Island for cultivation, without discussion distinction holds more than 5 centuries later.

The essence of this difference is the snuff and taste, from the union of four existing only in Cuba factors: soil, climate, the variety of Snuff Black Cuban and know-how of the growers and cigar makers. That is why, in other places may have acquired certain skills and even Cuban Cuban seed, but not the nature of the soil and climate of Cuba. This gift will not find anywhere else.

You will not find anything that matches the accumulated knowledge and culture of snuff in Cuba for centuries. It is an extraordinary work which made the growers ?? or farmers ?? with this crop. Years of wisdom and patient waiting have elapsed until you consider that the blade is ready to make a Habano.

Another distinctive feature is the definition of “Habanos”. All Habanos Cuban but instead are not all pure made in Cuba are Habanos.

Habanos title ?? ?? It is the Designation of Origin (PDO) reserved for a selection of the most prominent brands whose cigars are made, following the highest standards, from snuff leaves harvested in certain areas also protected as appellations of origin.

?? Habanos are made entirely by hand ??, Cubans applying methods used for the first time in Havana more than two centuries ago, transmitted from generation to generation and have remained almost unchanged until today.

Over 500 manual processes, including agricultural and factory processes are performed between sowing the seed and start-box every Habano.

Everyone has to pass stringent controls established by the Control Board of the Designation of Origin (PDO) Habanos to be worthy of the coveted title of being considered Habanos.




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