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Southern Draw Firethorn Rosado Clara Cigar Review.

Brand History:

The words “honor” and “effortless” very succinctly describe the intention of the vision of Southern Draw Cigars.  This vision is based on the Southern tradition of a “culture of honor,” essentially meaning give respect and courtesy in dealings with others — including women — and require respect and courtesy from others.  It is also based on the Simply Perfect Draw, which Southern Draw Cigars believes is of vital importance.

In addition to providing a unique, hand crafted cigar, promoting the “Southern culture” is of tantamount importance to Southern Draw Cigars.

Founded by U.S. Veterans, the motivation for creating Southern Draw Cigars was to recognize and defend southern traditions, while honoring the history of tobacco and those who journey the process to get it aged to perfection.  Southern Draw Cigars are made in collaboration with seasoned partners who reside in Nicaragua, but hail from Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Mexico.  Their cigars are custom blended and handcrafted using only fine and rare aged Cuban seed tobaccos from A.J. Fernandez.


The wrapper was a rich dark color, a reddish-brown, and had slight oily sheen to it.  A fragrant pre-light scent of earthy tobacco was noted.


Journey Profile:

1st quarter: An effortless draw produced plenty of smoke.  A good amount of creamy smoke was drawn onto the palate, delivering a mild but flavorful and slightly sweet taste.   2nd quarter: Lots of earthy tobacco notes and hints of spice.  Upfront, the flavors were full, imparted through large clouds of thick smoke.  An even and slow burn held onto a dense gray and white ash.  3rd quarter: There was very good flavor with some earthy sweet richness in the air and on the palate.  Noticeable spice was detected through the nose.   4th quarter: Medium body with straight forward and well-balanced flavor characteristics.  An underlying spice through the nose and some sweetness was present until the finish.  Excellent aroma continued to develop and filled the air with richness.


Final Thoughts:

Overall, very well made and flavorful cigar that had a great burn.  Flavors were consistent throughout the entire smoke.  Effortless to enjoy, with great construction, smooth draw, and easy burn.



Myron Gooch Sr.

Reviewed at:  V Cut Cigar Lounge Los Angeles, CA

Time Smoked:  1 hour 20 minutes

Cost:  Sample

Wrapper:  Nicaragua Rosado Clara

Binder:  Nicaragua and Mexico

Filler:   Nicaragua and Mexico

Size:  5½” x 54”

Rating:  90



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