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Caldwell Cigars the King is Dead cigar review “a company built by friends for friends”

Brand History:

“Rare Tobaccos, Attention to Quality, Social Consciousness, Flavor First.”  Caldwell Cigars is a company built by friends for friends.  It is owned by Robert Caldwell, who is also known for his connection with Wynwood Cigars.  He has now partnered with William and Henderson Ventura at Tobacalera Venture to make blends for his new cigar company, laboring to bring forth the finest quality product with great attention paid to every detail.  They are setting out to deliver their customers special cigars that use only the finest, most exotic, all Grade-A tobaccos that exist.  Caldwell Cigars are in this for their love of the leaf and their drive to share the fruits of their labor.


The cigar was firm to the touch with a light floral aroma.  It has an evenly colored, rich looking brown wrapper with an oily sheen.  There were sweet hay-like notes on the pre-light draw along with a rich aroma of cedar notes and hearty texture.


Journey Profile:

1st quarter: Once the cigar was lit, it produced a lot of smoke at the foot.  The draw provides good earthy flavors with some creaminess in the aroma.  It has an extremely smooth draw that allows plenty of flavor through to the palate.  2nd quarter: It offered a creamy texture with sweet under tones.  The flavor remained consistent, growing full in notes but with the strength of a medium body.  A sweet, earthy tone began to develop and lingered throughout.  3rd quarter: Rich and easy earth tones were present along with some noticeable spice.  It was clean on the palate and its richness cut through to both the smoke and palate.  Light floral tones then delivered a smooth balanced texture.  4th Quarter: Flavors continually developed with sweet earthy and floral tones.  The earthiness and hints of cocoa intensified as the cigar was smoked down.  Plentiful amounts of dense, full-flavored smoke filled the air.


Final Thoughts:

Overall the King Is Dead cigar by Caldwell Cigars has outstanding construction and offers a smooth draw with tons of creamy smoke that will cut through to the palate.  It has a great balanced texture of spices that developed on the finish and in the nose.  Overall, it is a well-made full-flavored cigar with a great smooth body.


Myron Gooch Sr.

Reviewed at: The V Cut Cigar Lounge Los Angeles, CA.

Time Smoked: 1 hour 50 minutes.

Cost: $10.00

Wrapper: Dominican.

Binder: Dominican.

Filler: Dominican.

Size: 5” x 50.

Rating: 90





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