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Ortega Serie D Black by Eddie Ortega Cigars Review “cured and aged to perfection”.

Brand History:

Eddie Ortega founded Ortega Cigars in 2010.  The company specializes in the manufacturing of hand-made premium cigars.  Eddie Ortega has made an uncompromising commitment to the quality and integrity of all his premium cigars.  He uses only the finest tobacco materials grown in South and Central America, particularly Nicaragua, and all cigars are masterfully blended and manufactured in Esteli, Nicaragua.  Each and every cigar has been slowly cured and aged to perfection, so you can expect some “characteristic personality” of excellence in each cigar you smoke.  This is the beauty and charm of all Ortega Premium hand made cigars.


The Serie ‘D’ Black is the first non-box pressed cigar in the line.  The cigar had a dark, oily and smooth wrapper with a great smell.  The sweet and rich aroma with hints of floral notes was evident on the pre-light and the foot.


Journey Profile:

1st quarter: There was a very smooth draw with only a slight resistance, delivering dense clouds of full flavored smoke.  Touches of peppery spices immediately hit the palate through the nose and were detectable in the air as well.  2nd quarter: A very solid and even burn produced and held onto a long ash.  There was a creamy texture followed up by spice on the finish.  Also present were rich notes of chocolate with some cedar both on the palate and in the aroma.  3rd quarter: Peppery spices continued to develop with deep and rich, earthy tobacco notes.  The aroma also continued to develop with full rich and sweet notes.  Flavors intensified, delivering rich, full and alluring characters.  4th quarter: The flavors continued to increase and the aroma became full and robust.  The cigar remained very balanced all the way through, ending with a full and complex character and a long, flavorful finish.


Final Thoughts:

The Ortega Serie D Black cigar is medium to almost full in strength.  It is very well made and virtually effortless to enjoy.  It is an outstanding, flavorful cigar that you can smoke down to the nub and is sure to leave a long lasting impression.



Myron Gooch Sr.

Reviewed at: The Man Cave.

Time Smoked: 1 hour 00 minutes.

Cost: $9.00

Wrapper: Ecuador Habano.

Binder Nicaraguan.

Filler: Nicaraguan.

Size: 5” x 50.

Rating: 90.





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