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Rocky Patel Cigars 2nd Annual Day Party in Marina Del Rey, CA.

Rocky Patel Cigars 2nd Annual Day Party in Marina Del Rey, CA

The Rocky Patel 2nd Annual Day Party that preceded the luxury yacht cruise was held at Sinder’s Lounge inside the chic Marriott Hotel in Marina del Rey.  Sinder has ranked in the top lounges in the marina for the last year.  The atmosphere was very captivating and allowed for a really relaxing afternoon with live music, drinks and Rocky Patel cigars.

Rocky gave a talk about his life journey – from his days practicing law to creating and growing the Rocky Patel brand, ultimately becoming a household name among premium cigars.  He chronicled his efforts to fight for our rights to be able to enjoy a premium cigar and have a place to enjoy it at.  It was a very inspiring talk from one of the true leaders in the industry.

Overall, it was a very exciting day to both relax and rub shoulders with Rocky.  The Day Party itself is an outstanding event that maintained its allure with good music and premium cigars, culminating in a perfect Friday wind down.

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