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“Great flavor profile” Euforia Cigar review by “GMD” Global Marketing and Distribution.

Brand History:

Global Marketing and Distribution is based in Switzerland and has opened an American division. GMD has launched twelve hand-made, super premium and premium cigar brands in the US this past Spring. Their cigars are manufactured in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic in well renowned factories to exact flavor specifications conceived by GMD. Global Marketing and Distribution is passionate about the cigar business and seek individuals for their team with the same dedication and passion.


The Euforia is a firm cigar with a great looking, marbleized brown colored wrapper. There were some noticeable oils and a strong, earthy, light floral smell on the pre-light. Its coloring was consistent from the cap to the foot.


Journey Profile:

1st quarter: The cigar was firm to the touch and had a very smooth draw. There was a great flavor profile right from the start. A generous amount of smoke filled the surrounding air with a soft sweetness in the aroma.  2nd quarter: Some soft spice was present both through the nose and on the palate. The aroma was very rich with nice earthy notes and a soft sweetness. In addition, some cedar and honey notes produced a sweet undertone. Its texture remained smooth, with a continuation of its rich aroma and a creamy texture to the smoke.   3rd quarter: Mild flavors and body in this portion of the cigar gradually built into well-balanced, medium flavors and body. Dense smoke came through with a long finish and light spicy notes. The creamy texture on the palate remained along with its richness in character.   4th quarter: The cigar easily progressed into a medium body with a little extra strength. Once it took stride, it never relented and continued through the end of the smoke. It remained very rich with plenty of earthy notes coming into their full strength.


Final Thoughts:

The Euforia offered earthy notes and a fairly consistent profile throughout the smoke. It is a medium body that packs plenty of flavor and its excellent construction offers an even burn. Well balanced and well-made, the Euforia offers the right amount of complexity and a long finish.



Myron Gooch Sr.

Reviewed at: The Man Cave.

Time Smoked: 1 hour 25 minutes.

Cost: Sample.

Wrapper: Ecuador.

Binder: Dominican Republic.

Filler: Dominican Republic, Peru and Nicaragua.

Size: 5 ½ x 52.

Rating: 90.



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