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“Silky to the touch” Hispaniola Cristobal Colon 1492 Cigar Review.

Brand History:

For over four generations, the Melo and Matos families have been one of the largest producers of the finest organic coffee and aged tobacco in the Dominican Republic.  They are focused on not just the exportation of coffee but also supplying some of the largest, fine cigar distributors and importers in the Dominican Republic with aged cured tobacco.

In 2002, following the ambitious entrepreneurial drive and knowledge of both coffee and tobacco growing, H. F. Melo, a fourth generation tobacco and coffee master blender decided it was the right time to venture into the cigar export market.  He launched the Hispaniola Cigars Brand and introduced it to a selective market segment.  The launch served as a springboard for other cigars within the distinctive Hispaniola portfolio.

Their ultimate goal is to introduce the world to a piece of Hispaniola history through their exquisite and unique cigar portfolio.  Delivering consumers worldwide a taste of their land, culture and folklore has and always will be a priority for the Melo & Matos families.


The wrapper was very hearty with some noticeable tooth and a very rich, clean and sweet pre-light smell.  It had an oily sheen and was silky to the touch.


Journey Profile:

1st quarter: A burst of flavor hits the palate once this cigar is lit.  Some creaminess then developed in the texture as its smooth draw let through thick smoke to the palate.  Further in, the creamy texture grew noticeably along with hints of nuttiness and sweet undertones.  2nd quarter: A lot of spices quickly developed through the nose with some spice lingering on the palate.  Sweet honey notes and some earthiness also developed along with lots of full flavored, creamy smoke.  A very consistent, slow and even burn produced a long and dense gray ash.  3rd quarter: In this portion, there were rich yet light earthy tones along with more noticeable spices.  The spices burst into full bloom and continued to linger on the palate along with sweet notes in the aroma.  Hints of honey, cedar, and pepper continuously built through the nose and on the finish.  4th quarter: Its body picked up to a medium tone and offered a delectably sweet undertone of flavor.  Some of the spices began to settle down in the last few inches of the cigar, which then allowed some creaminess to creep back in.  However, its earthy tone stayed consistent to the end.


Final Thoughts:

The Hispaniola Cristobal Colon 1492 is a full flavored cigar that offers mellow, medium-body strength.  Its overall great construction produces smoke that is dense in texture, flavorful sweetness and spice, and a great slow burn.  Overall, it is a well-made flavorful cigar with a wonderful aroma, tasty and fun to enjoy.



Myron Gooch Sr.


Reviewed at: The Man Cave.

Time Smoked: 1 hour 45 minutes.

Cost: $9.50.

Wrapper: Dominican.

Binder: Dominican.

Filler: Dominican.

Size: 6” x 55.

Rating: 90.





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