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Havana travel tips: Visiting Old Havana “Fascinating island”

Havana travel tips: Visiting Old Havana “Fascinating island”

José Martí airport is 10 miles south-west of the city. The main international arrival point is Terminal 3. Passport control and customs are usually friendly and efficient. Bring a copy of your travel insurance policy, or you’ll need to buy cover on arrival.  A taxi into the heart of Havana takes about half-an-hour for a fare.

November and December are the ideal months to be dazzled by the beautiful settings and back drop of Old Havana.  The capital of the biggest and most beautiful island in the Caribbean.  It could also be known as the the gateways, the revoke, the deterioration and the intimacy, the elegant shade, the cool, the courtyards.

Surround by big ancient monuments, the forts, the convents and churches, the palaces, the alleys, the arcade. The Cuban State has undertaken enormous efforts to preserve and to restore Old Havana through the efforts of the Office of the Historian of the City.

Most travel restrictions have eased somewhat for Americans traveling to Cuba, so if you would like to visit this fascinating island country, right now would be a great time to consider a trip there.

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