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“Impressive and Rich” LH Colorado Blend Cigar Review.

Brand History

Building a name synonymous with quality, crafting a flavor to rise up over the borders of Central and South America, developing a lifestyle to cross the oceans one cigar box at a time – the world of LH Premium Cigars provides far more than just a solid smoke.   Lavida Habana (LH) Premium Cigars has recently announced that their line of premium cigars will now be available to the United States market.  Tobacconists Nick Syris and Omar Nasr developed the LH Premium Cigar line.  LH started as an offering for private clientele for Lavida Habana lounges but the cigars soon were distributed throughout the Middle East.  After several years of being available in the Middle East, the LH Cigar line has come to American shores.

Syris and Nasr already had hardened Cuban cigar palettes, and the LH Cigar offerings sought to capture the characteristics of a traditional Cuban cigar.  Carefully crafted as the international answer to the illustrious Cuban, each stick carries a strong legacy of tobacco from Nicaragua, Brazil, and Peru, all wrapped within the finest Ecuadorian leaf.  The LH Premium Cigar line is produced at the company’s factory in Costa Rica.


The LH Colorado blend has a silky feel with minimal veins and is covered in an oily sheen.  It is a great looking cigar that has a rich pre-light smell and some cocoa on the pre-light draw.  There are floral notes along with an earthy sweet smell on the wrapper.


 Journey Profile:

1st quarter: A very smooth draw yields a lot of dense and creamy smoke that quickly developed some spice.  There were toast and tobacco notes in the aroma along with rich notes, a slight sweetness and earthy flavors.  Spices developed through the nose and on the palate.  2nd quarter: More rich tobacco notes hit the palate with a sweet undertone and a creamy texture.  There is a lot of big flavor and body in this blend as it starts off very flavorful in this portion.  The cigar had a very slow and even burn, allowing the flavors and body to slowly build and develop.  3rd quarter: There was a heavy texture to the smoke with an earthy spiciness in the aroma and flavor.  Spices continued to develop as the body slowly built to medium.  There were noticeable wood and earth notes in the aroma.  4th quarter: Now a medium-body, full flavors with a nice balance of change and complexity were present throughout.  Smooth and dense smoke with a mild sweetness and spices came through to the nose.  Some woody, toasty texture was slowly introduced in the last quarter along with some sweetness on the palate.


Final Thoughts:

The LH Colorado Maduro cigar has excellent construction with a great burn and a smooth draw.  It offers a big and full flavor profile with a rich and highly appealing aroma and a slightly sweet, peppery character.  This cigar is a well-balanced medium-body that offers a long and flavorful finish.


Myron Gooch Sr.

Reviewed at: The Man Cave.

Time Smoked: 1 hour 50 minutes.

Cost: $9.50

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano.

Binder: Nicaragua.

Filler: Peruvian.

Size: 5” x 52

Rating: 91

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