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“Earthy, cedar aroma” Tierra Volcana Fina Cigars.

Brand History

The world of handmade cigars is nearly two hundred years old.  It is one of the few luxury products that do not improve with technology.  At its essence, a cigar experience is s romantic ritual from days gone by where the cutting, lighting and enjoyment of a cigar is a refined pleasure, easily customizable to occasional indulgers and regular enthusiasts alike.  This is the Tierra Volcana difference.  Mombacho Cigars S.A. is not a company catering solely to seasoned cigar smokers, but rather it purveys unique experiences to those who revel in those special moments in life.

Tierra Volcan Cigars was born with a dedication to customer service. They maintain an approachable luxury product along with a passionate belief in going back to the age-old custom of making cigars, “Totalmente a Mano,” (Spanish for “Totally by Hand”).

Nestled at the foot of the Volcan Mombacho, in the colonial town of Granada, Nicaragua, sits Casa Mombacho, where a visit will show you the foundation of Tierra Volcan experience.  Nicaragua is blessed with volcanic soil, which is what gives the tobacco a particular taste, aroma and strength that are unique to its country of origin.  With painstakingly selected tobacco, the leaves that comprise the Tierra Volcan blend embody the aroma, balance and persistency that represent their strict blending philosophy – one that produces an incredibly smooth flavorful cigar experience.


This cigar has a very good looking, brownish wrapper with a slight redness.  There were some seams on the wrapper but it was solid to the touch.  It possessed an earthy, cedar aroma right down to the foot.


 Journey Profile:

1st quarter: Immediately after lighting, there are some earthy notes and spice.  Some hints of dry fruit are also detectable and blend in very well with the spicy notes.  2nd quarter: The cedar notes are now well developed, yet the spices have grown and remain very bold in the nose and on the palate.  A very smooth draw allowed plenty of smoke through to the palate.  3rd quarter: Some cocoa notes joined along with more cedar.  The profile filled with spices and rich tobacco flavors.  It was consistent throughout with a slow burn and spice in the aroma and on the palate.  4th quarter: While its spice continued, the cocoa notes went away and a slightly tarp taste was left on the palate.  However, the draw remained smooth and allowed rich, full flavored smoke through.


Final Thoughts:

Overall, the Tierra Volcana Fina is a very well made cigar with flavor to match.  It offers smooth characters with bold spices and a rich body.  It is very tasty and effortless to enjoy with great construction and a flavorful finish.


Myron Gooch Sr.

Time Smoked: 1 hour 40 minutes.

Cost: $8.00

Wrapper: Nicaraguan.

Binder: Nicaraguan.

Filler: Nicaraguan.

Size: 6” x 44.

Rating: 88

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