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“Woody notes” Marrero Tesoro Mio Torpedo Cigar Review.

Brand History

Marrero Cigars was established in 2014, but it really started when Joel Vazquez Marrero was about 8 years old.  His family would go visit his grandparents every Saturday and as they opened the door to their home in Brooklyn, NY, the aroma of Abuelo (Grandpa) Marrero’s cigar would fill the house as the family would play their guitars, smoke their cigars, and enjoy their favorite rum.

Fast forward almost thirty years later…Joel was playing golf with a friend who suggested that smoking a cigar would help his golf game.  He declined (not being a smoker at that time), but after having a poor golf round, he decided to try a cigar the next time he played.  As he lit up on the first tee and drew on the flavors of the blend, he was transported back to his time with his grandfather.  At that time, he knew that he had to learn all he could about cigars and the blending of the leaves, and that work continues today.

Blending the tobacco is one of Joel’s most fulfilling things to do.  And, watching someone enjoy that blend as it takes him or her on a wonderful journey makes this the best job in the world for him.  He has owned a lounge and run a cigar factory.  His quest comes from his passion and respect for the leaf and although he knows he cannot learn every detail about cigars, tobacco and blending, he has vowed to never stop trying.


The cigar has a light, pale brown wrapper with a silky touch and some visible seams.  Very light tobacco and woody notes were present on the pre-light aroma along with hints of floral and hay.


 Journey Profile:

1st quarter: While it was slightly snug on the initial draws, it cleared up within the first five minutes.  Plenty of smoke came through to the palate.  There was some noticeable sweetness along with spiciness on the palate and through the nose.  2nd quarter: There was some initial spice on the palate and through the nose with a clean texture.  Consistent and unique flavors with a rich underlying sweet tone was present in the aroma.  Some spices remained on the palate and a good amount spices came through the nose.  3rd quarter: Some wood and spice texture worked themselves into the profile along with some earthiness in the aroma.  Slightly sweet undertones lingered in the background.  4th quarter: There was some bitterness on the palate but the lingering wood and spice tones in the flavor profile continued to the finish, as did the earthiness in the smoke.  Some slightly sweet undertones continued to linger in the background.20160504172934_IMG_2935_wm

Final Thoughts:

Overall, the Marrero Tesoro Mio offers a light tobacco flavor with an underlying sweet tone in the aroma and through the finish.  It is a medium body with a consistent medium flavor profile.  Its good construction all the way through produced an extremely even burn and compact gray ash.  An easy to smoke cigar, it is very well made and offers a unique taste.


Myron Gooch Sr.

Reviewed at: The Man Cave.

Time Smoked: 1 hour 20 minutes.

Cost: $7.00

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut.

Binder: Indonesian.

Filler: Costa Rica.

Size: 6” x 52.

Rating: 88

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