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“Rich with earthy notes” Cuban Stock Royal Selection Toro #3 Cigar Review.

Brand History

Yaniv and Suzanne Levy founded Cuban Stock Cigar Company in 1997.  Yaniv, an Israeli immigrant, arrived to the United States with big dreams of starting a business that one day would grow to become not only a national, but international company, with his wife Suzanne, a native to the Philadelphia area.  They were originally known as Crown David International, but later changed their name to Cuban Stock Cigar Company, to reflect their namesake cigars.

The first cigars were handmade in a small factory in the Dominican Republic, and as their cigars became a success, they developed and grew their lines to include several blends.  In 1999, they already had been producing the Cuban Stock Classic, Cuban Stock Reserve, Cuban Stock Royal Selection, Cuban Stock Triumph, Cuban Stock Extra and Cuban Stock Private Selection lines.  In 2000, they were the first to introduce a 60 Ring Gauge cigar to the market known as the Chubbys.  Following the original Chubbys line came the Chubbys DMS, Chubbys Ultimate, Chubbys 3.4.5 and Chubbys Boss.  The year 2000 was also the year that they developed their premium flavored cigar line, Delicioso, which was then followed by the Exquisito Doble Capa, Exquisito Limitado, Joya de Havana, Orange Label, Everyday Joe’s, Crown Fuma, Smokin’ World and the 231.

Cuban Stock Cigar Company is known for quality cigars and their passion for perfection that drives them to develop blends that are among the best in the world.  The philosophy since the beginning was to make cigars using top quality tobacco.


The Royal Selection has a dark and oily wrapper with a very unique taste on the pre-light draw.  There was some sweetness and a tangy smell on the foot.  A rich looking wrapper proved to be silky smooth to the touch.

.Cuban Stock

 Journey Profile:

 1st quarter: Once the cigar was lit, it produced a lot of smoke at the foot.  An extremely smooth draw left a good amount of creamy smoke in the air.  Right away there was some earthy richness in the aroma and on the palate.  2nd quarter: The draw delivered big earthy flavors as some sweetness lingered on the palate.  A fairly full amount of aroma was introduced right away and it was ongoing.  There were also some peppery notes through the nose that also lingered on the finish.  3rd quarter: Earthiness and sweetness stayed consistent as the cigar was smoked down.  The aroma continued to develop and increase in richness with alluring flavor.  Spices seemed to fall off and were replaced by some cedar and tobacco notes.  4th quarter: Some dry flavor fruit was detectable and lingered with more complexity, offering a mix of bold character and a rich aroma.  There were consistent sweet tones and cedar notes with plenty of dense smoke produced.  It was an effortless smoking experience.


Final Thoughts:

The Cuban Stock Royal Selection cigar offers consistent sweet tones with tobacco and cedar notes.  It is an overall very smooth, mild-medium body cigar that is packed with good complexity.  Its good construction results in a slow and even burn.  The cigar is rich with earthy notes and is a very enjoyable smoke.

Myron Gooch Sr.

Reviewed at: The Man Cave.

Time Smoked: 1 hour 55 minutes.

Cost: $7.50

Wrapper: Ecuadorian.

Binder: Dominican.

Filler: Dominican.

Size: 6’ x 50.

Rating: 88

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